360 Days of Recruitment campaign

Author: Szymon Dyrlaga

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360 Days of Recruitment campaign

“We don’t need any more people on board” – this is a sentence you will never hear in Admind. What sets us apart from other creative agencies is that for the past six years, we have had an ongoing recruitment process. Every day, we comb through designers and experts from around the world to pick out the best of the best, who will form the elite of our crew in the future. This is why we have just launched a ‘360 days of recruitment‘ campaign.

3 words: typography, letters, and illustrations. All of them are in Admind’s DNA. This time they are also at the heart of our recruitment campaign. We decided to create a unique job alphabet – to explain to our potential candidates what people in Admind do.

In order to do this in a unique way, we decided to invite some of the most interesting artists to create letters-illustrations corresponding to each job role we are hiring for. Please read this article to find out how we recruit the world’s best designers.

Looking for designers

The first challenge when looking for top talents in the branding industry is to find the right medium. One that allows us to reach the people we want. After solid research and brainstorming, it turned out that there is a medium that meets our needs. It is a challenge on Instagram called “36 days of type”. It involves participants designing letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 for 36 days. The challenge has 385k followers on Instagram, with the best designers in the world participating. It takes place twice a year. The organisers have their jury and choose the best illustrations. Then, they publish a list of featured artists. All this inspired us to create our new recruitment campaign.

360 days of recruitment

Considering that we recruit all year round, we created the ‘360 days of recruitment’ campaign. We contacted several designers who particularly caught our eye during the #36daysoftype to take part in our campaign. Artists have become our main mediums.

We asked selected artists to create illustrations of the letters that start with the names of the positions we recruit for at Admind. We have started with six positions and will continue to increase the number:

Moreover, these letters should include graphic elements related to the position. We wanted to juxtapose the sensitivity and specific style of a particular artist with our identity. But, above all, we wanted to show the challenges that await candidates for the position.

Following the campaign launch, artists will share their works on Instagram along with the hashtag #360daysofrecruitment. The posts will also include a link to our job offers.

See the artists we work with: 

  • David Oku
  • Jan Kallwejt
  • Yeye Weller
  • Ana Duje
  • Artur Tenczynski
  • Kamil Kowalczyk

In addition to the works on Instagram, we are also preparing posters on outdoor media that will decorate the streets of Krakow and Warsaw.

Challenge for students

At Admind we also look for interns and professionals with less experience. Therefore, we have prepared a competition for students to design the letter J for Junior Graphic Designer. An additional incentive for students is that the competition’s jury includes the designers who created the other letters for us – stars in the design world. Above all, however, they can win money and get a position at Admind. More information about that soon.

We encourage everyone to watch our campaign as it will provide lots of great designs. And those wishing to join Admind are welcome to visit our recruitment website.

We hope that the 360 days of recruitment challenge will repeat or even overcome the success of the previous recruitment campaign, which was based on illustrations created by external designers as well.

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