We’re a certified B Corp. We’re driven by change, sustainability, and being conscious. See what it means for us.

First of all – it is a commitment. But the one we believe in and implement with satisfaction. The B Corp movement is the perfect environment for businesses to go beyond the conventions of a corporation, join others who want to do good, and benefit as part of a community that advances the world for the good of all.

Our commitment

We do not view the B corp certificate as a trophy or an opportunity to gain additional exposure or build an image as a socially responsible company. For us, it is rather an affirmation of the path we have been following for 10 years, since Admind’s beginnings, and of the values we believe in, such as kindness, trust, partnership, cooperation, and adventure.


We are providing many health benefits to employees: life insurance, private supplemental health insurance, extension of health benefits to spouse and children, access to local medical services, psychological care and more.


We have policies regarding waste seperation and recycling, safe disposal of e-waste and hazardous waste. We encourage all Adminders to choose enviromentally preferred products and practices in employee virtual offices.


We publicly disclose financial and in-kind contributions to charitable organizations, advocay groups, and political parties. We have formal and regular processes to gather infomration form stakeholders. Beneficial ownership of the company is publicly available.


Our services help our clients build a community based on shared values to increase their impact on the environment and society. We monitor customer satisfaction and shre it both internally and publicly.


We have conducted a pay equity analysis by gender, race/ethnicity, or other demographic factors and implemented equal compensation improvement plans or policies. +50% of our company managers identify as women. We provide parents with convenient working conditions (more flexibility, extra days off).

B Impact Assessment

We received the official title of Certified B Corporation with 89 points achieved in our impact assessment in five areas: Workers, Environment, Governance, Customers, Community.

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  • Krzysztof Langer

    What our B Corp status means for our team and clients? In short, the certificate’s meaning is that from now on we are formally committed to serve the best interests of people and our planet in the long run. It answers many ESG topics and proves that we fulfill strict rules of being a sustainable company. I can say that simply we are happy. This effort has put us in a much better place as a company. It opens a new chapter in Admind’s history. It is a reason to be proud of, and one more to continue on this route we took up towards conscious improvements in what we do, how we do it, and with whom.

    Krzysztof Langer
  • Mateusz Zabierowski

    The B Corp certificate is a confirmation that the company went through a rigorous assessment process and meets the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Again, I want to thank all our employees, especially those who were directly involved in this long procedure. Your engagement, work and attitude were crucial on the way to achieving this success. Still, there is a lot to do. We will be putting an effort to raise our standards in every area that makes us sustainable. As well, we work on strengthening our value proposition. We want B Corp standards to be beneficial for our customers.

    Mateusz Zabierowski

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Impact report

We strongly believe that the world can be improved. And as a branding agency, we are attempting to become the top of-the-mind choice for conscious brands of the future. Download our Impact Report to see where we are now on this path.


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My name is Piotr Dáo and I am working at Admind as Community Manager. My aims are to make a positive social impact through our sustainable choices, pro bono projects, and client engagements. I'll be more than happy to answer all your questions regarding our Social Impact policy!

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