P stands for...

Artist: Artur Tenczyński

P stands for...

Project Manager

P is for a Project-management, Powerhouse

Are you the kind of person who can spin chaos into order? Turn complex goals into a series of simple steps? Can you track multiple projects while maintaining deadlines and budgets?

If so, you are our hero!

At Admind, our project managers are passionate branding perfectionists who love working with clients and creative teams to achieve outstanding results. We prize expert communication skills, organized workflows, and proactive leaders. Sound familiar? We’d love to hear from you!

Working in Admind as project manager has given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills while cooperating with world’s biggest brands. However, the true highlight of this company is fantastic team of highly creative, motivated and fun to work with people. If you want to be part of this, simply apply and we will handle the rest.

Natalia Haligowska-Rzepa, Project Manager

We’re always looking for smart, talented individuals. Currently, we are not looking for Project Managers, but feel free to click below and send your CV.

It’s a great time to start your next adventure.

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Discover our culture book and learn about our values, people of Admind and way we cooperate.

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Illustrations and letters are an essential part of branding. Why did we decide to create these letters and collaborate with outstanding artists? Because we love lettering design.