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Innovation is what drives progress
and transformation in the increasingly fast-
paced nature of the business. Let’s treat
those changes as an opportunity to
form the future of your brand on your
own terms with the support of Admind's
Branding and Communications experts.

We’re an international branding & communications agency. We've grown up from a local business to a global partner with offices around the world. Whether you’re promoting a product or launching a new brand we’ll create an identity that stands out and visuals that connect you with your audience.

Admind Agency


We create BRANDS. Working closely with you
and your team we design and implement the
best possible visualization of your brand, consistent
with your vision.



We manage and execute your rebranding
processes with a strong focus on agility
and efficiency.


We create complex visual materials that
will help your brand stand out in the market.



We create meaningful experiences,
so that you can build trust and attachment
with your audiences.



We build strong and engaged brand communities
within your organization.


We will provide you with a high quality
services and creative solutions to make
any presentation a groundbreaker.



We maintain your content management platforms
in line with our User Experience knowledge,
analyzing website’s performance and optimizing
its functionalities.


For Givaudan, the largest company in the world in the flavor and fragrance industry, we have prepared an impactful animation about the history and production of one of the most beloved flavors all over the world – vanilla
Delicious and insightful!

Hanover Fair
ABB Germany

Hannover Messe International is one of the largest industry events in Europe (Robotics and Automation) and a flagship project for ABB. Admind was responsible for creating and designing signage as well as the concept and execution for environmental graphics of the booth and layouts for exhibition walls.

Hanover FairHanover FairHanover Fair

Signage project
for the High Five building

Smart environment design in the workspace is key to comfort and effectiveness. That is why we collaborated with one of the newest office spaces in Kraków and have created the wayfinding system as well as a set of infographics and themed artworks for the ABB offices in the High Five building. In order to make the space friendlier for the employees, we added an individual touch by highlighting some key events on the ABB Krakow Team’s timeline.

Signage project 
for the High Five buildingSignage project 
for the High Five buildingSignage project 
for the High Five building

Copernicus 2019

We created from scratch the full graphic design for the sixth edition of the science, culture and art festival organized by Tygodnik Powszechny, Jagiellonian University and the Copernicus Center. The modern means of the project were supported by a rich substantive layer and using form and content we tried to reply to the question of what is language.

CERAweek 2019
brand movie
for ABB

For CERAWeek 2019 – the annual international gathering of energy industry leaders, we created a 3D brand movie that presents how ABB reshapes the future of transportation. CERAWeek’s focus is on providing new insights on the future of energy and on searching for new solutions and technologies in this field. With our video, we reflected ABB’s approach to the changing reality of energy and its sources.


Our excitement for this project was at the top level from the very beginning not only because we had a chance to develop such cool branding but also because of the place itself! We’ve been invited to create the full visual identity for the new amusement park, Lunapark in Warsaw.

Creative Labs

We are the accelerator, which takes companies on a journey to the heart of innovation & helps startups bring their vision into reality.

Everyday we’re concentrating on any new, promising ideas that come to mind, creating prototypes and real products which address real world challenges and the biggest business needs. We are under the wing of Admind Branding & Communications Agency – who is a sponsor and parent company as well as a co-investor and the main client.

We’re providing full support at all stages and areas of the project, ensuring a successful realization of the key, ambitious ventures. We’ll support any new projects that drive the development of an interesting concept or product.

Together, with our startups, we’re adding our two cents worth to the environment, making the world a better place and bringing together years of business experience and our unique creative thinking.


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