Recruitment campaign

Recruitment campaign

Client: Admind

We needed to energize our recruitment campaign. The goals were clear: make it unique, inviting, and outstanding.

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Admind Recruitment Campaign

We asked renowned Polish illustrators and our in-house designers to create a range of graphics and posters that highlighted Admind’s core values: trust, cooperation, responsibility, adventure, satisfaction, and kindness. All artists were free to interpret our values and show them in their own distinctive visual style.

What was of particular importance to us while creating the campaign was the emphasis on our design DNA and the values that we abide by every. We opted for a unique approach in the realm of employer branding campaign inviting various illustrators to depict our values. It was the openness to interpretation, form, and artistic means that initiated the discussion about how we understand these values.

Admind Recruitment Campaign
Recruitment campaign

The campaign also provided the opportunity to discover illustrating talents in our team and to enable them to be promoted on an equal footing with such well-known Polish illustrators as Ola Niepsuj, Kuba Banach, or Paweł Mildner, who were invited to participate in our campaign as outside illustrators.

The execution

The posters invited the audience to dialogue by using the same headline “Can you see…?”. They successfully fulfilled this role: during the campaign, there were four times more visits to our website than usual.

Almost 3000 people have visited its recruitment section and we’ve gained hundreds of new followers on our social media channels.  At the end of the day, we have also reached the main aim of our campaign and recruited some highly talented graphic designers. Our recruitment campaign has been widely recognized with numerous awards. It has won a Red Dot Design Award in 2020 and is a golden winner at the Creativity International Awards.

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