In this article, we share our experience in working with PowerPoint tool and some ideas on how to make impactful presentations designs using a clear and consistent aesthetic. Microsoft PowerPoint is a superb tool for creating presentation designs. However, when used ineffectively, it can lead to the production of jarring and unprofessional pitch decks. That’s why we would like to share some basic

The rebranding of a large and recognizable brand will always impact the market and provoke a wide range of emotional responses. People are eager to comment on the new logo or the cost of the process, and they often question the point of it all.  The essence of rebranding Let’s start from the beginning. Rebranding means simply refreshing

Welcome to the second episode from our new series “Exploring Brand Governance”. Last time, we talked about the strategy for brand management. In this article, we will focus on the aspect of brand consistency and why it matters. What is brand consistency? Simply, it is a practice that ensures the materials which are being prepared in your company have

Admind creates dynamic environments designed to inspire. As consultants and designers, we merge branding energy with clear direction assistance and wayfinding signage that complement existing architecture and layout plans. We did a wayfinding signage project for the ABB’s GBS office in the High5ive building in Kraków, Poland. To transform an ordinary office into a friendly space that is conducive to work and

What is rebranding and what is the best way to rebrand a business? Karolina Pospischil, Creative Director at Admind Branding & Communications, is sharing the right reasons to transform your brand, plus the ultimate guide on reaching your intended market. What is rebranding? In my opinion, rebranding is a new way of thinking about how to get your brand’s purpose

The pandemic that broke out last year has greatly affected the dynamics of change in global markets and brand transformation. According to the March 2021 Global Capital Confidence Barometer report, as many as 92% of surveyed senior executives from global companies say that COVID-19 directly impacted corporate profitability. Interestingly, 49% of them still plan to merge companies

Admind as a partner company undertook a branding project of creating a brand new visual identity for Creative Labs. In this brand identity case study, you will find out how it was transformed based on the company’s key values. CREATIVE LABS BRAND CASE STUDY Creative Labs was founded in 2014 as an innovation company that fosters entrepreneurship and implements

People no longer buy products or services as such. They remember and buy experiences. As Maya Angelou—the American poet and activist—said, People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel. We live in a world of accelerating consumerism. Each day, we are flooded with information

Professional PowerPoint Presentation can make a high impact and boost audience engagement. Learn more about our Presentation Design Services by reading our interview with Alya Babkina-Mottet, Presentation Design Team Manager in Admind Branding & Communications. What are the key benefits of using PowerPoint presentation design services? Almost everyone I know creates presentations, but how many of us truly

All people deserve to live in a well-designed world! To celebrate the International Design Day we asked designers in Admind Branding & Communications about various aspects of their creative work. How do you see the future of graphic design? Karolina Kłos, Senior Graphic Designer: Design in the future will be focused mainly on usability and assistance in many areas, such as

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