With events being canceled or postponed due to Covid 19, many companies and museums are bringing their physical events online and reviewing digital offers to create virtual show possibilities. Live or virtual, social or broadcast, it is possible to infuse projects with a sense of community and inclusiveness. Many businesses will be moving their events online in the future:

I hate when someone asks me about what I am doing in life and what inspires me. This is also the reason why it took me more than half of the year to answer this question (Sorry, Wawrzek! 😉 ). Well, I hate such questions because the answer seems very trivial… Everything and everyone! I really love people, and this

When consumers are becoming more and more immune to classic advertising, branded content comes to your aid. Well-executed projects overcome consumers’ aversion towards traditional advertisements, engage, highlight the features of a product or service, excite emotions and evoke interest.  So how do you make a given message much more intriguing than traditional advertising?A spectacular example of branded content was the creation

In the world of big companies and highly competitive markets, it is extremely important to build and maintain a strong brand. Recognition and a positive image support customers’ buying decisions. Going a step further, if we manage to create products or services of desire, we secure a loyal audience and stable profits. Of course, brand management is not easy – and it’s not

Mateusz Zabierowski, partner and CEO at Admind Branding and Communications is one of the heroes of a an edition of “Forbes Woman”, speaking on the possibility to achieve a balance between the professional and private life when running a business. Below, you can read the conversation that Mateusz had with the magazine’s reporter Piotr Zieliński.As the chief of a large

But these names have already lost their shine, lost their luster. They are like a snake skin that becomes lifeless just before it is shed. So it is with the name Pesełe. It slips off the girl like an oversize shirt and underneath the name Helena is already growing ripe, thin as of yet, like skin

Prelude Tell me what success is for you. Take a small break and note down 2–3 words that would mean that you are successful… Got them? Now let me express my stance here: whatever we identify as our success, what matters most is actually an outcome of it. Success may mean defending PhD, owning USD 10 million,

This is a very complicated and controversial topic – an ability to be imperfect but to consistently strive to become better. I think there are many of us who experienced the dark side of chasing perfection: dissatisfaction with yourself, which sometimes is getting really painful, paralyzing doubts and fears, and of course procrastination. Being an artist is a thorny path per

I’m sure those who know me, expect me to write about gliders and planes. Just imagine yourself piloting a glider: floating in the air, high up in the sky, surrounded by stunning views. Complete peace and silence. That’s inspiring, isn’t it? I could also write how inspiring it is to smell a hot grease, feel a horsepower and hear the sound of

In our 8-year history there have already been several vital changes. Each change has required answers to many questions, and each has contributed to our development and success. Currently, Admind is transforming its organizational culture. Cooperation, analysis, new ideas, and incredible energy generated by our efforts are all factors that have allowed us to become Poland’s largest branding agency.

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