Maja Mściwujewska, our CX & Growth Manager explains why customer experience is so vital when building a mature brand, what steps need to be taken, how to manage this process, and lots more showing Admind’s insight on the topic. What is customer experience?Customer experience is the perception of what your company does for its customers, how it makes

Transformation is one of the staple tools in the development strategies pursued by global organisations. Krzysztof Langer and Mateusz Zabierowski, Admind Branding & Communications CEOs, share their insights about “Transformation B2B Brands” in the latest issue of polish Forbes Magazine. Read the interview below and learn how to successfully build awareness of B2B brands in transformation and

In Admind we guide our partners through the visual aspects of the brand. Jędrzej Chojnacki and Brand Advisory Team explain why brand governance is crucial for brand consistency, and how our perspective changes the way it may be perceived.How would you define brand governance?  What is usually associated with this term are actions taken to ensure that

In the last year, Admind Branding & Communications has received nine prestigious awards, such as Red Dot Design Award, Creativity International Awards, and Polish Kreatura. Piotr Wiśniewski, Creative Director at Admind, shares his experience and suggests how to prepare an application for industry competition.What is the aim of earning rewards?First of all, before taking part in

#NewIntimacyHour is an online event experience at Dutch Design Week 2020 aimed at exploring our lockdown fears, hopes, and desires at the exciting intersection between technology and storytelling. For one hour every day, participants mask their identities with augmented reality filters designed by Admind_, and guided by a social sciences expert, we learn to talk openly and resolutely about our

We are emotional, whether we like it or not. Our life is an endless series of emotional interactions. Nothing happens without emotions. On the one hand, we communicate with the world by showing our feelings, on the other hand, we guess and interpret the feelings of others. For a long time, emotions have been pushed aside as a category, neither widely understood

With events being canceled or postponed due to Covid 19, many companies and museums are bringing their physical events online and reviewing digital offers to create virtual show possibilities. Live or virtual, social or broadcast, it is possible to infuse projects with a sense of community and inclusiveness. Many businesses will be moving their events online in the future:

I hate when someone asks me about what I am doing in life and what inspires me. This is also the reason why it took me more than half of the year to answer this question (Sorry, Wawrzek! 😉 ). Well, I hate such questions because the answer seems very trivial… Everything and everyone! I really love people, and this

When consumers are becoming more and more immune to classic advertising, branded content comes to your aid. Well-executed projects overcome consumers’ aversion towards traditional advertisements, engage, highlight the features of a product or service, excite emotions and evoke interest.  So how do you make a given message much more intriguing than traditional advertising?A spectacular example of branded content was the creation

In the world of big companies and highly competitive markets, it is extremely important to build and maintain a strong brand. Recognition and a positive image support customers’ buying decisions. Going a step further, if we manage to create products or services of desire, we secure a loyal audience and stable profits. Of course, brand management is not easy – and it’s not

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