Krzysztof Langer

Partner and CEO

In 2010, he founded Admind, assuming the role of CEO. His primary responsibilities involve shaping the agency's global brand transformation strategy. He fosters trust and transparency, emphasizing diverse and creative team dynamics. His mission is to establish Admind as a leading global branding agency, embarking on a transformative journey that began over a decade ago.

Mateusz Zabierowski

Partner and CEO

As Admind's CEO & Partner, He founded the agency in 2010 and has been fostering growth and strategy ever since. Under his leadership, Admind emerged as Central Europe's top branding agency, earning numerous industry awards. He excels in identifying opportunities and empowering leaders. Work brings him satisfaction through branding projects and cultivating Admind's distinctive organizational culture.

Aleksandra Gołąb-Makowska

Head of Delivery & Partner

In Admind since 2016, currently, she has been leading Admind's Delivery team, doubling capacity, introducing new services, and championing the OKR framework. As an EACD Summit Speaker and Admind representative at European conferences, she prioritizes effective communication.

Monika Kurlit

Head of Client Service

With over 15 years of experience, she is a successful Manager overseeing client strategies and impactful campaigns. Her achievements include earning the Transformation Award, expanding the UX/UI team, and establishing the Client Service team. She has spearheaded projects for global brands in FMCG (eg. Unilever, Mars, Pernod Ricard), automotive (eg. Skoda), and the pharmacy sector for both B2B and B2C sectors.

Katarzyna Zemowska

Head of People Experience

Katarzyna, Head of People Experience in Admind since February 2023, leads people strategy, manages the team, and oversees HR Business Partnering, recruitment, compensation, and internal training. With 22 years of experience, she's a certified facilitator and Chief Happiness Officer, currently pursuing body & mind therapist TRE® certification. Previously, she held HR leadership positions at Sheraton, Alexander Mann Solutions, Sabre, OTCF, and ANSR Global Consulting.

Alicja Miłuńska

Head of Growth

With over 20 years of experience in the branding and marketing industry, she gained her expertise at renowned agencies, including Brand New Galaxy, McCann Erickson, and 180heartbeats JvM. She has collaborated with industry leaders such as Bayer, Unilever, Nestle, GKPGE, Innogy (the energy sector), General Motors, Mastercard, ING Bank, Transgourmet, Makro Cash & Carry, and Żabka.

Magdalena Wąsik

Head of Finance and Personnel & Partner

She joined the company in 2017 as the Chief Accountant. Her responsibilities encompass financial strategy, reporting, budgeting, internal controls, tax optimization, cost management, liquidity, and collaborations with auditors, banks, insurers, and tax authorities. Holds a master's degree in Economics with 11 years of experience in accounting, HR, and payroll. Notable achievements include establishing a proficient accounting department and executing company budgets.

Karolina Pospischil

Brand and Strategy Director & Partner

Karolina has been with the company since 2015. She excels in business development, consulting, market analysis, and fostering cross-functional teams. An award-winning professional, lecturer, with diverse skills in branding, communication, and strategy. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, her prior experience includes creative positions. Extensive education and a commitment to positive impact drive her work at Admind.

Katarzyna Figurska

Strategy Director

Leading Admind's Strategy team, she crafts brand and communication strategies. With over 20 years of experience, she efficiently combines professional experience in marketing with leading a strategy and research team in a communication agency. She has developed over 100 strategies for clients in various sectors, optimizing sales and marketing. Her achievements also include successful relaunch for L&M brand and significant market share growth for the number 1 bottled water brand in Poland.

Dominika Konieczkowska-Kracik

Creative Director

With Admind since 2017, she leads creative coordination, fosters team growth, and maintains project consistency. Achievements: ABB Power Grids to Hitachi rebrand, Silver B&R Award, Accelleron's brand development, and global ABB facility rebranding. Academic background: Master's in Industrial Design and postgrad studies in Typography. Committed to elevating creative excellence and client experiences.

Piotr Wiśniewski

Creative Director

Piotr Wiśniewski, specializes in complex projects in the field of branding and packaging – which has seen him win numerous international and national awards such as the Red Dot Award, Pentawards, Dieline, International Design Awards, Transform Awards and Creativity International Awards.

Marta Szmyd

Creative Director

She joined Admind in 2022, leading creative coordination, team development, and project alignment. Specializing in branding and design. With a background that includes co-founding a branding studio, her accolades include the Polish Graphic Design Award in 2021 & 2022, Best Visual Identity for a Museum in 2014, and the Red Dot Award in 2013.

Igor Kurylak

Creative Director

As a Creative Director, he's a design leader with a track record of successful projects, including Cannes Lions, Kreatura, Mixx Awards, KTR, and AWWWAwards. He managed digital services for global clients like Michelin, Samsung, and Hartmann, creating international marketing tools and award-winning exhibitions. He's also contributed to industry discussions and articles.

Krzysztof Klimek

Creative Lead

Joined Admind in 2017 as Creative Director. With nearly 20 years of experience in branding and advertising. Currently responsible for marketing activities and Employer Branding at Admind. Winner of several prestigious awards: RedDot, IF Design, and OLX Knowhow recognition. Collaborated with brands such as Danone, Honda, GSK, Pirelli, ABB.

Bartłomiej Witek

Brand Consultant

As a Brand Consultant for Admind since May 2022, Bartek brings over 17 years of creative services experience, including branding and project management. He primarily operates as an advisor to clients, leveraging his expertise to deliver exceptional value.He enjoys exploring new topics, especially those related to client industries to promote their growth with fresh insight. Bartek holds a Master's in Linguistics.

Keegan Jordan-Matney

Brand Consultant

Since 2017, Keegan has been a vital part of Admind, specializing in business development and branding. His current role involves identifying client needs and providing customized solutions and consultation. Notably, he contributed to Admind's win at the Transform Awards and supported ABB's brand implementation. With a background in Graphic Design and Business Administration, he holds certifications in branding and client communication.

Natalia Haligowska-Rzepa

Project Management Lead

In Admind since 2020. Skilled in stakeholder management, budget planning, and project risk analysis. Achievements include fostering cross-team culture and projects. Previously, Marketing Manager at Silvair and Head of Marketing at the National Museum, managing teams and executing EU-funded projects. Holds an M.A. in Marketing and Management in Culture and certifications in Agile Project Management.

Mariusz Szubelski

Client Partnership Lead

Mariusz Szubelski is an accomplished Client Partnership Lead with a career spanning over a decade in marketing, business development, and client relationship management. He brings a wealth of experience to his roles, having worked at top-tier organizations, including Cisco, where he excelled in partner relations, marketing strategy, and revenue growth. Throughout his professional journey, Mariusz has consistently delivered outstanding results and fostered enduring connections with clients and partners.

Maciej Furtak

Project Manager & Team Coordinator

Joined Admind in 2022 as Power Point team manager, demonstrating expertise in project financial analysis, client relations, and team coordination. Achievements: Transform Award London for PPT Team. Previous roles include managing e-commerce projects. Experienced in product development and global market expansion projects. Participated in industry events like Who's Next in Paris Expo.

Justyna Dorman

Brand Communication Specialist and Team Manager

Joining Admind in 2017, she's thrived as the leader of the Brand Advisory team. Their work has earned awards, such as Transform Awards Europe 2021. Her educational background in architecture and design, along with certifications in brand management, UX design and stress management, complements her role. She's a dedicated professional who values Admind's commitment to excellence and social impact.

Maria Drożdżowska

Digital Platform & Marketing Technology Lead

Maria has been part of Admind since May 2020. She leads the Digital Platforms team, focusing on driving company growth, expanding client relationships, and maintaining top-notch project quality. Her experience includes roles as a Web Specialist, Project Coordinator, and Trade Marketing Specialist, alongside her freelance copywriting and text editing work. She holds certifications in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics.

Morgan Nicholas-Karpiel

Senior Copywriter

With over 15 years of experience and a strong track record, she brings valuable storytelling skills to every project. Her extensive writing experience includes contributions to global rebrands, such as ABB Power Grids/Hitachi. Beyond work, she has earned literary awards, further highlighting her passion for the written word.

Anna Michalska

Senior Traffic Manager

She holds the position of Senior Traffic Manager at Admind, where she leads her team in tasks such as coordination, risk management, profitability, and client relations. With over 7 years of diverse experience in both corporate and startup settings, she specializes in developing long-term planning strategies to optimize team capacity and implement best practices in work planning.

Radek Kocjan

Brand Strategist

In Admind since 2018, currently operating as a Brand Strategist, Radek led the Principles Team for three years and was a part of Shell’s rebranding effort. A speaker at prestigious industry events with a rich background in design, he has consulted for brands such as Reebok, Capgemini, and Accenture. His academic expertise includes philosophy, sociology, and creative writing.

Magda Rymarczuk

Brand Strategist

With a strong background in both communication design and law, she is uniquely positioned to draw from both creative and analytical processes when developing new strategic tools and facilitating custom strategic workshops. Her exceptional work in Conscious Branding reflects a deep commitment to sustainability, fostering impactful change within the industry and beyond.

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