We won 5 Creativity International Awards 2020

Author: Monika Michno

We won 5 Creativity International Awards 2020

Admind Branding and Communications was awarded five prizes in the Creativity International Awards 2020. Outstanding creative projects and the use of their message, including visual and technical elements, are distinguished in the prestigious competition.

The Creativity International Design Awards 2020 is an independent advertising and design competition based in the USA. Students and professionals from all over the world can participate and compete in the category of graphic design every year. The competition has been rewarding graphic design since 1970. Their motto is: “You don’t have to be a big name to win with Creativity – we make you a big name!”

This year, Admind Branding and Communications got five prizes for the creation of various projects. The jury appreciated the outstanding creative designs and the use of their message. That was including visual and technical elements. Each year, a jury consisting of experts from the advertising and creative industry, evaluate hundreds of applications.

Admind recruitment campaign: Gold Winner

The Admind Branding & Communications recruitment campaign is a graphic interpretation of the agency’s values. Therefore, the action was aimed to show the values and mission of the company. The idea was also to invite other designers to a conversation, which resulted in the employment of new, talented employees in the new creative department. To join this idea, we invited famous polish illustrators and our company employees.

STU Theater, visual indentification: Gold Winner

The STU Theater asked Admind to create a visual communication system for the entire 2019 season. So the idea for key visuals was based on “live” typography. By this activity, we focused on the main characters of each play, i.e. actors. And – using the appropriate typography style – to emphasize the essence of theatrical creativity.

ABB Wayfinding: Silver Winner

In 2019, we completed a signage project for the new ABB headquarters in the High5ive building in Krakow. Above all, the task was to transform an ordinary office into a friendly space, where it was easy to work and easily move around. We made it thanks to a clear system of markings facilitating finding the right way within the building. Moreover, we have adapted the project of the ABB wayfinding signage system to the architecture and interior decoration. The goal was to be consistent with the visual identity of ABB.

Lunapark, visual indentification: Bronze Winner

lunapark visual indentity

Lunapark is a gastronomic and entertainment complex, occupying a huge green area on the banks of the Vistula River in Warsaw. Certainly, it is a place where adults can play like children, feeling joy and nostalgia. We wanted to reflect these features in the lively and colorful visual brand identity of the Lunapark. The inspirations were the circus, kaleidoscope, and the book “Alice in Wonderland”. The whole system is regular, synthetic, but also vibrant like a colorful kaleidoscope.

Cookbook: Bronze Winner

To emphasize the uniqueness of Christmas time, Admind came up with the idea of creating a Cookbook. We created the book in Admind, and filled with recipes from around the world, which would reflect the diversity and multiculturalism of our employees. Our CookBook features not only delicious recipes and great illustrations by Admind staff. In addition to underline that, for printing, we used paper with a linen texture, just like in old cookbooks.


Recognition in Creativity International Awards 2021 is a great honor. It’s one of the oldest independent competitions in the advertising industry in the USA. It is primarily the merit and success of the entire team and thanks to its creativity and commitment, we successfully occupy an honorable place among the best. It motivates us to continue and awakens the appetite for more!

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