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Admind as a partner company undertook a branding project of creating a brand new visual identity for Creative Labs. In this brand identity case study, you will find out how it was transformed based on the company’s key values. Creative Labs was founded in 2014 as an innovation company that fosters entrepreneurship and implements innovation programs. The team focuses on unlocking the business potential of employees through training, workshops, and ongoing mentor support. Under our wings, the idea behind the brand was transformed into a multi-faceted experience that was based on their key values

Capturing the essence of CL

Our challenge was to create a corporate image that would reflect Creative Labs’ character, identity, and innovative approach. The three most important pillars of the brand image and brand identity – the logo, the colors, and the geometric shapes – reflect the essence of the design, while the block shapes represent the three key values of the company:


Our aim was to reflect company open-mindedness in visual identity, which was intended to be open to improvements, enhancements, and adaptation to changing formats and media.


The image of innovation is reflected in the designs themselves, which were meant to be subtle and innovative – starting with the color palette, through icon style, up to the 3D animation.


This value is deeply embedded in Creative Labs’ strategy, symbolized by the 2D illustrations which shift attention to CL’s educational focus: nurturing ideas within a flexible format.

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