Lunapark Brand Identity

Lunapark Brand Identity

Client: Lunapark

Can brand experience be cross-generational? Definitely.

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Lunapark Brand Identity

When we were invited to co-create one of the coolest, hippest culture and entertainment complexes the Polish capital has to offer, we knew it would be something special. Everything there from its infrastructure through attractions to aura oozes with cheer and bliss, provoking nothing but positive emotions and creating a safe refuge from reality and escape from everyday routine.

While fun, it didn’t mean easy. We needed to create a unique, universal, and captivating brand identity that would appeal to a cross-generational and diversified group. Kids in a play area, youth having fun at concerts, the Weekender festival crowd, clubbing aficionados, and street food connoisseurs may not seem to have a common denominator. Yet they do.

Lunapark visual identity
Lunapark Brand Identity

We realized Lunapark’s allure and charm lies in the extraordinary atmosphere the visitors get to experience there. As soon as they enter, they instantly lose themselves in the stunning scenery and vibe. It feels like walking into a magical and vibrant world through the looking glass, and so we drew inspiration from the Alice in Wonderland tale.

Mirrors, zigzags, and colors

While a mirror was our creative and imaginative entry point, a zigzag roof over the park’s entrance became the driving force. Throw into the mix an acrobat – the brand hero and tribute to the circus, one of the Lunapark’s most beloved attractions – and there’s your logo.

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lunapark branding

To better support and drive brand experience, visual identity is consistent, balanced, and based on a system of overlapping elements. It’s further emphasized by kaleidoscope-like vibrant colors to seamlessly bring out the inner child in everyone.

The kaleidoscope was also our starting point while developing the system of icons that now creates the complex’s coherent visual language. The whole strengthens and deepens the nostalgic value and impact of a sentimental journey the visitors get to experience.

lunapark visual language
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