Creative Inspirations: Alya Babkina-Mottet


Creative Inspirations: Alya Babkina-Mottet

In our Creative Inspirations series, Admind’s employees discuss what inspires them in their everyday life. This time it’s our Coordinator of Presentation Design Team, Alya Babkina-Mottet.

People, Adventure and Life Contrasts. This is what inspires me.


Adventure or discoveries. I need them daily: let it be a google search, something seen on a shop window, philosophical insight, or a hitch-hiking trip around Central Asia. Discoveries big and small always make my soul complete. I generate new ideas, stay dynamic, open, and work productively on top of that.

adventure as a inspiration for creativity


To be in blossom, I need to LOVE people around me. I am super lucky to be a part of Admind, really. People here are amazing. I think I have dozens of things I would like to learn from them…how can’t it be inspiring???

And in my personal life, my inspiration is my family! We are people from 5 different countries thousands of kilometers away from each other, specializing in areas from high art and music to civil service, teaching, and data analysis. And still, my biggest unconditional inspiration is my daughter…


Life contrasts

…the most controversial and complicated inspiration. It inspires me when on weekends you travel in India dirty and cheap, and on Monday you are dining in your suite with bankers. I love life contrasts, but a dangerous part here is that they refer not only to traveling or fun, but sometimes they touch our happiness vs tragedy. This rollercoaster can get you deep, but life is beautiful nevertheless…

bike trip


My favorite playlist of Ukrainian music:

An article written about me in Kyrgyz Media

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