OEC Employer Branding Campaign

OEC Employer Branding Campaign

Client: OEC

For our first project with OEC, we were tasked with preparing an Employer Branding campaign. It was aimed at strengthening their position on the Krakow job market and positioning OEC as destination employer.

  • Automotive
  • Business
  • IT

We started at the core

In order to both understand the client better and help them get a clearer view of their strengths and weaknesses, we started with an employee workshop. The conclusion was that we need to properly assert OEC’s presence on the Krakow job market and show what the company is all about.

Internal comms

We also prepared a set of posters to let emloyees know what they can expect to see around town and where it’s coming from.

140 experts.
12 teams.
5 offices.

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