Wayfinding signage design for ABB

Wayfinding signage design for ABB

Client: ABB

Admind creates dynamic environments designed to inspire. As consultants and designers, we merge branding energy with clear direction assistance and wayfinding signage that complement existing architecture and layout plans.

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We did a wayfinding signage project for the ABB’s GBS office in the High5ive building in Kraków, Poland. To transform an ordinary office into a friendly space that is conducive to work and easy to get around, we created a clear system of signage and a wayfinding system that facilitates finding one’s way around within the building. The project is suited to the architecture and spatial design and at the same time consistent with ABB’s brand identity.


When the global engineering giant ABB needed new wayfinding signage to help their employees and partners navigate an expansive new office complex, they asked us for a clean and inspiring design that merged their branding principles with their physical environment.

Wayfinding ABB
ABB Wayfinding


To ensure continuity with the existing architecture and design, we created a signage and wayfinding system of signs that were easy to group. They were also scalable and – regardless of role and meaning – looked unified at glance.


The finished office spatial design was well-organized with a clear navigation system that was perfectly tailored to the existing architecture and office layout, creating an aesthetically welcoming brand experience. The project was very much enjoyed by the client and was implemented in the ABB office.

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