Creative Labs: Cities of innovation- animation Creative Labs: Cities of innovation- animation

Creative Labs: Cities of innovation- animation


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Admind's work often includes presenting the identity of brands and their unique characters. However, it’s interesting to note that a similar goal can be achieved through different means. This time we did it by preparing an animation entitled Cities of innovation for the Creative Labs business incubator.

Creative Labs is an innovation lab that fosters entrepreneurship and implements innovation programmes. The team focuses on unlocking the potential of employees through training, workshops, and ongoing mentorship. It’s worth mentioning that Admind has previously prepared the entire visual identity for them, including the website. So, we had a great starting point when working on the animation.
cities of innovation cities of innovation


Our challenge was to create a corporate image that would reflect Creative Lab’s character, identity, and innovative approach, as represented by the company’s offices in three different European cities. We wanted to capture the colour palette, architectural style, culture, and sounds of each city, along with the spirit of its history and residents.

creative labs creative labs


At the very beginning of cooperation, we did the conceptual work and chose the isometric style, which can be seen in the second part of the animation. It was a natural choice because this point of view emphasizes Creative Labs’s key values, such as development and constant change, and the Creative Labs logotype perfectly fits this style. Many sketches were produced at this stage, which you can see below.

In the animation, everything revolves around two words: creativity and lab. Our goal was to place Creative Labs in the very heart of the city maps. The viewer should have the impression that Creative Labs harnesses the energy of the city, inspires its residents, and contributes to its vibrant culture.

animation design animation design


Our animation was appreciated not only by our client who was very happy with the result but also by the design industry. For this project, we won the top award of the Red Dot Awards 2021 in the category Brands & Communication Design. You can read more about it here.

cities of innovation animation cities of innovation animation

And finally, we would like to invite you to watch our animation:

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