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How to win a design marathon? Just run with your ideas.

Plakaton, or Posterthon if loosely translated to English, is an all-night-long creative event whose participants explore posters as a medium and discover the potential and limits of this communication form. This all-nighter is a fantastic opportunity to meet and be mentored by the best Polish designers, test-own creativity, and win attractive prizes.

Plakaton - Nocny maraton plakatu Plakaton - Nocny maraton plakatu


The driving idea behind the name and contest itself was moving a web-oriented Hackathon format to the field of creative design. This innovative approach to the poster as an art form became an instant hit. Both the contestants and their mentors could capitalize on networking, learning, teaching, and brainstorming to reach the ultimate creative expression.

Plakaton festival Plakaton festival


The first Plakaton, which we organized in Warsaw in 2019, was built around one of our national legacies: The Polish School of Posters. Since then, we’ve immensely contributed to reviving the dialogue on this medium’s contemporary role.

Plakaton - Nocny maraton plakatu - plakat Plakaton - Nocny maraton plakatu - plakat

The poster lives on

Established personalities, including Krzysztof Iwański, Znajomy Grafik, Edgar Bąk, Tomasz Bierkowski, and Patryk Mogilnicki, selected 18 young and talented Polish designers for the final event. Based on randomly picked themes, the contestants were tasked with creating posters to help the Polish poster live on.

festival posters festival posters

The additional goal we achieved

The event was also a way to promote poster art to a wider audience. Plakaton-branded blank canvases were given away to passers-by so that they could visually express their own ideas, reflect on the poster’s place and role, and think how this very medium frames our reality.


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