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Brand Portal Design
Asset Management

A brand portal is a powerful tool to keep brand consistency and enable employees to use company resources more efficiently. However, implementing this solution requires masterful planning and strategic thinking. Especially when the brand portal is intended for a worldwide company to manage thousands of assets by numerous people with diverse levels of authority. This was the case here. 
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In this project, our main challenge was to understand the client’s needs in terms of corporate resource management. Then, we had to select the best tool, implement it and adapt it to Accelleron’s individual preferences. 

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The Frontify platform was selected as the ideal foundation for the brand portal, aligning perfectly with the client’s objectives. The scope of initial works included:
– Architecture and structure preparation,
– UX&UI,
– Animation,
– Writing some texts for the portal,
– Placement of brand principles and guidelines we developed before.

Later on, we launched three media libraries (due to the need to differentiate access for 3 user groups), with all the taxonomy and categorisation. To this end, we prepared a hierarchy of groups and targets at different levels of access to brand assets and collections.

Our next target was to improve employee performance within the brand portal. We introduced standards for asset versioning – so that the latest version of files and documents is always available at the same link. We did the same with the different language versions.

Moreover, our experts prepared an approval workflow called “Waiting Room” where users can add materials they wish to make public. Once they are submitted, our Brand Governance team checks that the files are on-brand and that the format and quality meet standards. Once approved, we set appropriate access to these files, categorise them, describe them and publish them in the library.
On a daily basis we stay in touch with a vendor and technical support. We monitor user activity and suggest improvements based on our knowledge of Frontify.


As a result of our cooperation, Accelleron has a brand portal implemented, well-functioning and adapted to its needs. Thus, employees can easily find and use available and ready-to-use brand assets. What’s more, with our specialists’ approval, they can be sure to maintain brand consistency when using files from the library.   

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