ASTI: the transformation of the acquired brand ASTI: the transformation of the acquired brand

ASTI: the transformation of the acquired brand






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The ABB Group has been strengthening its position in robotics for a long time. The next step for them was acquiring ASTI, a global company with a broad portfolio of AMR vehicles and software. For Admind, this meant another interesting and challenging project.
ASTI transformation into ABB ASTI transformation into ABB


In 2021, the ABB Group acquired ASTI, a global company with a broad portfolio of AMR vehicles and software. Then, Admind was tasked with transforming ASTI’s branded materials into ABB’s brand identity and helping to communicate this change within the company’s structure.

ABB brand implementation ABB brand implementation

Welcome Pack

To begin the process, Admind prepared Welcome Boxes for ASTI employees that contained ABB gadgets and a welcome letter with a QR code. The code linked to a landing page specially designed for the occasion with an introduction manual, ABB brand basics, and digital assets. From there, employees could download LinkedIn background images, an email footer, wallpapers for Teams, pictograms, and presentation templates.

Website Migration

As the old ASTI website had to be redirected to an ABB subdomain and redesigned, Admind provided the necessary graphic design and UX support to complete the transition. We designed 26 pages adapted to different screens and dimensions and more than 120 new brand assets, including photos, graphics, pictograms, and icons.

Creation of ABB web pages Creation of ABB web pages
ABB interior design ABB interior design

Facilities Branding and Interior Design

The transformation of ASTI’s facilities into the ABB brand in three different locations was one of the most important challenges the project presented for us. In addition to the new look of facilities, we addressed the interior design, including the choice of furniture, materials and their installation. At each phase, we strove to add modernity and functionality and to capture the ABB brand identity.

ABB office branding ABB office branding

Additionally, we redesigned the conference rooms to foster creativity and more effective teamwork. In one instance, we used magnetic foil on the walls to let employees write ideas and take notes. The rooms also received new furnishings chosen to reflect the ABB aesthetic and allow for greater convenience.

The static boards in the office space were replaced with LED screens that presented the company’s story in a corporate video. Our experts not only supplied designs but also helped with production aspects.

ABB interior design in office ABB interior design in office

Interactive documents

To support the transformation, we created a set of interactive documents presenting each line of robots, their functions, usability, and their new ABB design.

Interactive documents design Interactive documents design

Corporate presentations

No transformation project would be complete without the necessary presentation tools. Our team created a new presentation template according to the ABB guidelines and redesigned all ASTI presentations to match it.

Corporate presentation design Corporate presentation design


As you can see above, our experts designed the facilities with attention to the smallest detail. We made sure they were consistent with the ABB brand identity but also employee-friendly and usable. In addition, we have prepared hundreds of graphics, documents and presentations, as well as a new design for all robot lines. All this for the consistency of the ABB brand.

Moreover, all ASTI employees were welcomed by the ABB group on the first day and well-informed about all changes. They also got immediate access to company resources and ready-to-use materials.

Products branding design Products branding design

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