Accelleron: brand development and implementation    Accelleron: brand development and implementation   

Accelleron: brand development and implementation   






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Accelleron is a new inspirational and powerful brand introduced by the ABB group that gathers all its services related to turbochargers. The group is a global leader with more than 100 years of experience providing turbocharging solutions for marine, energy, and railway industries. In 2022, the company decided to consolidate all services in this area under one brand.
Turbine Turbine


The Accelleron logo and brand basics (typography, colour palette, tone of voice, and more) are the results of work done by MetaDesign – a creative studio we often cooperate with. However, brand basics were only the beginning. Our task was to implement and develop a new brand into all the Accelleron resources. With more than 150 strategy and design experts on board and a capacity adapted to the largest branding projects for global brands, Admind suited this task perfectly. We assembled a dedicated, multidisciplinary team that covered all the competences needed to meet the challenge. 

Accelleron font concept Accelleron font concept


Our first task was to understand the newly created brand and then build an action plan and a timeline to develop it. Then we had to transform all the ABB Turbocharging resources into the look & feel of Accelleron and implement the brand across all media, devices, and resources. And by ‘all’, we really mean everything you can imagine. So, the real challenge was the huge scope of the project.  

Accelleron concept page on a tablet Accelleron concept page on a tablet


While working on new branded assets, we simultaneously developed 22 principles and guidelines for, among others, logotype, print, digital media, tradeshows & events materials, and workwear. Then, we implemented a complex brand portal for Accelleron employees. Scope of this project included: 

  • Architecture and structure preparation 
  • UX&UI  
  • Animation 
  • Writing some texts for the portal

In addition, we launched three media libraries (due to the need to differentiate access for 3 user groups), with all the taxonomy and categorisation. Our experts prepared an approval workflow called “Waiting Room” where users can add materials they wish to make public. Once they are submitted, our Brand Advisory team checks that the files are on-brand and that the format and quality meet standards. Once approved, we set appropriate access to these files, categorise them, describe them and publish them in the library. 

Accelleron facilities branding Accelleron facilities branding

Another major project was the rebranding of more than 80 Accelleron facilities around the world. Based on principles from MetaDesign, our team crafted wayfinding and signage solutions inside and outside the buildings. For this and more reasons, we redesigned around 850 pictograms.   

Wayfinding and signage design Wayfinding and signage design

The next step was to prepare brand assets for print and digital media. This meant editing around 1100 photos and adapting them to the Accelleron visual identity. We created motion designs, animations, and posters presenting the company’s values for internal and external usage. Our duty was also designing Accelleron’s annual report and code of conduct. 

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Accelleron brand assets design Accelleron brand assets design

We took care of Accelleron’s presence during tradeshows and events by preparing innovative booth designs. We also branded the company’s vehicle fleet.  

Event branding, booth design Event branding, booth design


There are three primary outcomes of our work. Firstly, Accelleron employees can easily find and use available and ready-to-use brand assets. What’s more, with our specialists’ approval, they can be sure to maintain brand consistency when using files from the library. Secondly, we rebranded all turbocharging-related facilities, as well as vehicles, equipment and supplies. On top of that, we created thousands of new designs that are consistent, clear, and ready to use by the company.   

Accelleron brand portal Accelleron brand portal

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