What is Frontify and how to implement it in your business

Author: Izabela Czyż

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What is Frontify and how to implement it in your business

Frontify is a brand management solution to help you build a brand portal. This, in turn, will improve your brand communication and digital assets management and increase the productivity of your employees. Read on how to implement this solution in your company and customise it for your needs.

What is Frontify? 

Frontify is a brand management platform. It allows everyone in your company to access brand guidelines and all necessary materials to create and develop your brand. 

It covers the four most essential elements of your brand journey: 

  • Brand portal – a digital space with up-to-date brand principles and guidelines. Those are defined standards in the form of digital instruction, which describes how to create branding and marketing materials. Employees and contractors can access such a brand portal anytime, anywhere, which helps maintain brand consistency when new resources are created.
  • DAM system (digital assets management) – digital media library which consists of organised and always up-to-date assets your employees can use to develop and populate the brand. 
  • Creative collaboration – workflows allowing your employees to collaborate on various brand projects, for example, on Kanban board, in different access modes, or in different types of libraries. Frontify provides security and allows different levels of access for different users.
  • Digital & print templates – readymade templates which allow users with no graphic design skills to create materials always on-brand. 

Read a case study where we used Frontify to create all those four elements: Accelleron brand implementation case study.

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What are the benefits of using Frontify?

Thanks to scalable Frontify features, it is easy to implement any size company’s guidelines (even if they exist only in PDF file). Moreover, using this tool, you will connect all teams in your company and share only up-to-date branding guidelines and materials. All brand assets will be easily accessible from one place for many different user groups and teams. Above all, it will help your brand to stay consistent and recognisable for all employees. It comes in handy, especially when managing multiple brands and different types of assets and libraries. 

How to implement Frontify in your business? 

Although the basic implementation of Frontify is not complicated, it certainly takes time for someone dealing with the platform for the first time. If you want to use customised features, we recommend asking the experts. They can help you set up, for example, multiple levels of access to resources or create a workflow for the flow and approval of materials. They will also create a user-friendly taxonomy and categorisation.

In Admind, our experts have experience in effective brand portals and digital libraries implementations. Basing on various software dedicated to building brand management platforms (such as Adobe Experience Manager, Bynder, and Frontify), we create multifunctional solutions tailored to your needs. We specialise in catching the bigger picture on brand management and taking a holistic approach to developing and maintaining your company’s brand and consistency. We always consider teamwork efficiency, so we help create a setup reflecting internal workflows in the system. It could be brand advisory workflow, file approval process, training session self-sing up or file licensing procedures. We ensure that all of them are user-friendly and that information architecture is always clear and understandable for everyone.


Frontify is an innovative brand platform that will help you organise and develop your brand. It will make your brand values more recognisable, and your creative teams will work more efficiently. Depending on your organisation’s needs and brand specificity, we can set up user roles, access hierarchy and taxonomy and user-friendly workflows in the system. 

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