Two statues in Transform Awards Europe 2023 for Admind 

Author: Szymon Dyrlaga

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Two statues in Transform Awards Europe 2023 for Admind 

We are super happy to announce that two of our projects were honoured by Transform Awards – one of the most prestigious recognitions in the corporate branding industry! These statues prove to us that in the areas of rebranding and brand development, we are one of the best agencies in the world.

Transform Awards 2023 for B&R rebranding

First project, B&R rebranding to align with the ABB Group has been awarded in the category of Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition. In 2017, ABB acquired B&R, a world leader in industrial automation. Five years later, as a long-standing creative partner, Admind was tasked with refreshing the existing B&R brand to reflect its new position as a Category Brand of ABB.

The challenge was to take inspiration from B&R’s identity and legacy in the automation industry and translate it into ABB’s visual language. The result was a clean and modern version of the B&R brand that fit within ABB’s brand identity framework. In addition to a new look and feel, we delivered a brand book, brand portal, brand training, and full support during the rebranding announcement and transition period.

Precision, strategy and an innovative approach – discover the nuances of rebranding following M&A.

Transform Awards 2023 for presentation design services

The second project gained recognition in Transform Awards 2023 in the category of Best implementation of brand development project.

For the past 6 years of our cooperation with ABB, the company’s presentation design has evolved from simple information-level slides to complex fascination solutions. Progressively, the requests coming to us now require more challenging data visualization skills and a more analytical approach. So, we created a Fascination presentation template to replace the standard one.

In order to accomplish this, we searched for all data reflecting the operation of ABB PPT template and investigated the needs of active users and the cause of design bottlenecks. In parallel, our designers had to consider consistency within all areas of ABB’s four leading businesses: Electrification, Industrial Automation, Motion, Robotics & Discrete Automation.

The result

The result of our work was new presentation template designed by our presentation design services team. Its settings and newly proposed layouts ensured consistent composition and easy content insertion. The set of ready-made slide designs was an additional convenience and source of inspiration for users. It included examples of covers, section dividers, an agenda and text slides, infographics, charts, processes, and illustrations.

Pre-defined layouts were created for popular types of slides to ensure a consistent presentation look, but in opposite to the standard template, all elements were editable, so users were supported with a collection of designed slides, pictograms, illustrations, and maps.

During this project, we created a collection of inspiration, solutions for common situations, and graphic materials that we included in the new template:

  • 306 slide inspirations 
  • 953 pictograms 
  • 75 maps 
  • 259 flags 
  • 150 illustrations. 

After one year since we delivered the work, 52% of all ABB presentations were created using the new template which can be found in the company’s brand portal.   

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