Pioneering Sustainability: An Interview with Mateusz Zabierowski on Admind’s First ESG Report

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Pioneering Sustainability: An Interview with Mateusz Zabierowski on Admind’s First ESG Report

In this insightful interview, Olga Lany, PR & Partnership Manager at Admind, sits down with Mateusz Zabierowski, CEO and co-founder of Admind, to discuss the importance of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting to the company. Admind recently published its first ESG report, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to sustainability.

Mateusz explains why Admind has embraced ESG reporting, the organization’s willingness to aggregate data meaningfully, and its commitment to transparency. He shares his vision for sustainable practices, both within the company and in the broader context of global environmental challenges. Mateusz also touches on the role of international cooperation, technological advances, and strategic partnerships in driving positive change. 

This conversation provides a deep dive into Admind’s approach to sustainability and governance, demonstrating our commitment to pioneering our industry.

Olga Lany: Mateusz, why does Admind need an ESG report?

Mateusz Zabierowski: The first point is that you prepare a report when you have something to report. Over the years, data has circulated and been scattered. We’ve dealt with environmental, social, and governance issues. This year I think the organisation is ready to…

Olga: To aggregate the data in a meaningful way?

Mateusz: Exactly. We wanted to give the data a concrete dimension and, apart from its reporting nature, we wanted to be a pioneer in our agency environment. Our company doesn’t have to do this, but we were ready. It’s not just about showing off. We’re serious about it. 

Olga:  So, in your opinion, what was the most important aspect of this process?

Mateusz: The first thing we wanted to address was our contribution to climate change, which is a universal issue that affects life on our planet. In Poland, it may be less noticeable, and sometimes people even joke about the warmer temperatures in what is traditionally a cooler climate. But when we think about the consequences of global warming, it’s deeply worrying. Emissions are a real threat and I’m glad that countries are moving towards zero emissions. Admind produced over 50 tonnes of CO2 in 2023. We’re waiting for comparable reports from companies of a similar size to benchmark ourselves against.

Olga: I understand that one of the targets in our report is to gradually reduce our carbon footprint. What do you think you can do in your role as a leader to ensure that all employees share your vision, considering the fact that they are extremely diverse and are spread all over the world?

Mateusz: Being attentive and open with the people you work with is key. Admind is progressive in this respect. We planted trees before it was popular to do so. Pragmatism is also important. You should look for mutual benefits. 

Olga: One of the main sources of our carbon footprint is business travel, due to the nature of our work. We serve clients from all over the world and sometimes face-to-face meetings are necessary. Do you think you can persuade your colleagues to take steps such as traveling by train instead of plane for meetings in Switzerland?

Mateusz:  I have traveled by train from Poland to Switzerland several times. I think it is very possible. Even recently, when I was at a conference in Amsterdam, which I also reached by train, I was thinking about the European high-speed rail network. My brother and I will soon be going to the Olympic Games in Paris, but we have tickets for a football match in Marseille, 800 km away, which we can reach by train in just over three hours. Such efficient train travel can have a significant impact on the environment.

I’ve been checking night trains from our part of Europe. From Krakow and Warsaw, the closest connections are from Berlin and Vienna. It would be fantastic if we could get on that system. Traveling across Europe by night train in comfortable, sleep-friendly conditions is a great option. I think it is the future and it would be great for the environment. I also have faith in the development of electric aircraft. We may be able to produce them technologically. I know there are tests for electric flying taxis and I believe a similar solution is being tested in France.

I’ve switched to a hybrid car that I drive on electricity 80% of the time. I think it’s a small but significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint, especially considering the significant emissions from our company cars.

Olga: Do you think the ESG report can guide or inspire employees on where we stand and what more we can do?

Mateusz: I encourage everyone in Admind to read the report. It’s about us and it’s important to see where we stand. I also encourage our followers, partners, and customers to read it. Each report can be a reference point for our industry in branding, communications, and design. I’m grateful to everyone involved in its creation. The report also aligns with our B Corp certification data, showing that we’re getting closer to our goals.

The report also reflects what we do business-wise. We produce annual reports and sustainability reports for our clients. I’ve been inspired by the reports of industry giants. I’ve read reports from banks, energy companies, large FMCG companies, and other B Corps. These organizations have been working on this for years, with big budgets, big visions, and big responsibilities. 

So it is important to learn from them and be inspired by their practices. This kind of mimesis allows us to grow and develop more effectively as a company.

Olga: Did anything in the report surprise you positively or negatively?

Mateusz:  As I was involved in the whole process of creating the report, the data was well-known to me. I am happy that we have all the governance principles in place, our diversity is well represented and our formal agreements are properly structured. However, I would like to see more strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations. We have a great partnership with the FilmOn film festival made by children with disabilities, which we have supported for seven years. I would like to see Admind involved in more initiatives like this. I have great faith in the potential of our team. I believe that together we can explore different initiatives that Admind can support.

Olga: You attend various international conferences and meet many business leaders. Is there anything that inspires or frustrates you?

Mateusz: Every revolution started with a minority. There was usually a prophet who gathered a few people around him who challenged the existing regime, and a revolution would follow. Here I think a revolution might be impossible because there are too many powerful forces on the other side. We have agents of change and agents of stagnation. It’s about nurturing those agents of change to create the momentum needed for progress.

Such conferences are essential because they nurture the agents of change. We see a range of actors, from activists to well-established organizations like Greenpeace. There is also organic work going on quietly, with people improving sustainable agriculture, building wind farms, and driving the whole energy transition. Legislative changes are also crucial, as they form the backbone of all these changes.

There are companies like ours that simply want to operate in line with their values and beliefs. International cooperation and learning from best practices is essential. Take Amsterdam’s tough policies or Krakow’s smog reduction by subsidizing the replacement of old heating systems. These examples show that strategic incentives work.

Olga: Speaking of plans to reduce our carbon footprint and build more social impact partnerships, do you have any other thoughts on where Admind should be in terms of green initiatives in a few years?

Mateusz: I want us to constantly optimize our efficiency. It makes economic sense, it allows us to increase our salaries, it increases the company’s revenue and it ensures that we can turn off our computers knowing that we’ve done what we need to do.

It’s like training – neither overtraining nor undertraining is effective. We need processes that ensure optimum efficiency, which will help us to be a top European company. This optimization is, by its very nature, environmentally friendly. 

I want us to find a standard that we all feel is optimal, allowing us to work according to our talents, create value for our clients, and make a positive contribution to the environment, social issues, and governance. This leads to satisfaction.

Satisfaction is one of our core values and a form of energy I’d like to reflect in our next report, whether quantifiable or metaphorical. I want us to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction because it gives us better energy to live and develop.


Looking ahead, Admind has set some ambitious targets for 2024. We’re aiming to reduce our CO2 emissions by 15% and make our office space more efficient by reducing energy, gas, and water consumption. We’re also planning to decrease the number of business trips that require air travel and use public transport such as trains wherever possible. We also aim to cut our dependence on company cars and lower our fuel consumption by 1,000 liters by the end of 2024. These steps highlight Admind’s proactive approach to sustainability and demonstrate our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental footprint while continuing to innovate and lead in our industry.

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