Fostering hope for Ukraine

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Fostering hope for Ukraine

Social responsibility is in Admind’s DNA, and it is hard for us to turn a blind eye to the Ukrainian diaspora, especially when one of our offices and staff is located in Odesa.

In honor of Ukraine’s Independence Day on August 24, 2023, Admind doubled the funds collected from fellow Adminders and donated 6,670 PLN to the Polish Medical Mission. This is not the first time that our team has raised funds for employees and even animals in Ukraine. The previous year saw Admind doubling financial support amounting to 42,000 PLN. We continue to stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbors in their fight for freedom, peace, and unity.

Medical relief for all

Since the war broke out in February 2022, it has resulted in one of the fastest-growing humanitarian and refugee crises in the world. The UNHCR estimates that about 5,088,000 people remain in Ukraine apart from their permanent place of residence, and over 7.4 million refugee arrivals were recorded throughout Europe. In an immediate response to this tragedy, PMM was present on both the Polish and Ukrainian borders to provide training to local medical staff, urgent medical equipment, and aid to displaced individuals and affected families.

Thanks to charitable donations, the Polish Medical Mission is one of the few Polish non-governmental organizations that have donated five fully equipped ambulances, delivered over 150 shipments of medical supplies, ranging from hygiene products to surgical instruments and respirators. They also donated 15,000 Clodivac vaccines against tetanus and diphtheria to hospitals in Ukraine. Furthermore, they support 10 neo-natal hospitals in eight Ukrainian cities. These neonatal intensive care units are equipped with neonatal resuscitation stations, monitors, and infusion pumps, including therapeutic supplements for newborns.

Safe haven for kids

PMM’s assistance is not limited to providing medical supplies; they have been supporting both Ukrainian and Polish refugees in ninth-grade schools all over Poland. Their activities include psychological and legal assistance, Polish language lessons, daycare for children, and employee training.

Iron rehabilitation

Working tirelessly since October 2022, PMM partnered with the “Jedna Moment” Association to implement the “Iron Help” campaign, providing prosthetics and rehabilitation programs that have benefited over 350 Polish and Ukrainian individuals with disabilities. They offer regular long-term rehabilitation for the disabled, as well as 10-day rehabilitation and sports camps. Participants are guided on how to perform their daily routines with a prosthesis.

Driven to save lives

The healthcare system in Ukraine faces major problems, including nature, logistics and infrastructure. Many Ukraine residents have difficulty and limited access to medicine and treatment. Mobile clinics will enhance the local healthcare system and significantly improve the quality of medical care in a perimeter close to areas of conflict.
At Admind, we recognize the importance of our voices but more importantly, the need to help communities by partnering with other like-minded organizations in providing ongoing, critical support where it is most needed. For humanity to thrive, we must all do our part to alleviate the plights of others.

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