Culture Book: Admind Development

Author: Monika Michno

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Culture Book: Admind Development

Helping others grow is at the core of our culture, and it is also reflected within our Culture Book. In Admind we put sig­nificant emphasis on our employ­ees’ development and create the environment that enables them to learn and grow together with us.

It’s simple — in Admind, we invest in our development. Money is only one of the resources we dedicate to continuous improvement. Decisions regarding topics, themes, and the form used to improve in a given year are made by the teams and their leaders. But all sugges­tions, and ideas are welcome. What’s important is that we don’t limit ourselves to local Admind develop­ment opportunities. If we want to travel far to a great event that can help us develop – no problem!

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We believe that at the very core of development in Admind lies the under­standing of what is desired and needed for organizations, teams, and people to thrive. Inspired by Blendle’s Matrix, together we built Admind’s own version, one that is an informative fusion of our brand values, competencies, and their potential. It helps everyone better understand what is expect­ed of them, how they are doing, and what they could do to develop further.

However, our Matrix is a living document that we co-create and discuss every time we see the opportu­nity to improve it. Probably, it will never be 100% finished as we continue to adapt it with what we have learned. This is a huge advantage of the Matrix model.

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Open salary ranges

Being fair is in our DNA, so there’s no need to keep secrets. Positions on all levels have a transparent salary range. It’s as simple as that. Obviously, our careers develop and so do our salary ranges. It is ena­bling us to remain a competitive employer that offers remunera­tion relevant to positions, skills, and circumstances.

This clear and transparent salary policy allows everyone to know what salary brackets are available for a specific position and seniori­ty level. At the same time, we have clear expectations for the positions and prospects of the career paths. We believe it makes navigating through the opportunities even easier.

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Getting quality feedback is essential to our collaborative, iterative processes. It helps us to grow as individuals and as an organization day after day. So, how to do it?

It is our goal to provide continuous day-to-day feedback, that’s why we:

  • praise each other (using a digital kudos wall),
  • offer constructive criticism (privately),
  • have regular one-to-one meetings with leaders.

Once a year, we have a pay raise process when everyone has a chance for a salary increase. Its amount depends on the performance review (conducted by the employee’s team leader), the objectives achieved, and an assessment of the culture and business fit, which are both part of the Matrix – our guide to being an Adminder, based on our DNA and values. Fur­thermore, apart from a yearly salary increase, pay raises often go hand in hand with promotions that can happen at any time of the year.

feedback culture in admind

Pay raise process

Twice a year, we have companywide feedback cycles when each Adminder receives a complete and thorough evaluation coming from both their team leader and peers. We strive to create a feedback culture that combines different kinds of assessment and criteria, focusing on the mindset required to provide and accept praise and constructive criticism while keeping a positive attitude towards the evaluation process (let’s face it, feedback is not the most natural and easy thing).

pay rise process


Two of the most important values for us are cooperation and kindness. Every day, people from the same or different teams help each other in their daily work. This shows that there is always a real person behind every good thing! It is very important to appreciate the contribution and help of others. Moreover, we do it through the Small Improvements platform, where we can praise our team members publicly and allow others to see and participate in the experience. It builds a culture of organization and cooperation. Kudos!


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