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In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and growing environmental concerns, the Energy Efficiency Movement (EEM) unites under a common ambition—to redefine the world's approach to energy consumption. It stands as a testament to the power of collective action and purpose-driven initiatives. Through meticulous research, creative exploration, and collaboration, our team developed a brand identity that encapsulates the essence of the Energy Efficiency Movement. Every element, from the extensive color palette to the dynamic representation of the Impulse, was designed to resonate with their mission. We are honored to have played a part in shaping the visual identity of the Energy Efficiency Movement—a force dedicated to transforming aspirations into actions and fostering a more sustainable world for generations to come.


Our task was to expand the visual identity by creating additional graphic elements and rules of use, utilizing existing components such as the logo and color palette. Through creative development, we turned these elements into an inspiring story communicated through numerous branding materials. This effort made the brand more coherent, positioning it as an expert in its field and perceived as innovative and creative in conveying its mission.

The impulse

The Impulse was created to elevate the EEM brand, symbolizing the expansion of the initiative onto new materials and digital platforms. Additionally, it embodies the spread of action contributed by the Movers, indicating a ripple effect of willingness to act and propagate positive change globally.


Derived from the original EEM grays, the color palette is professional, firm, yet serious. We systematized the shades and introduced a new, complementary color—the Energy Hue. This hue, a fusion of plant green and ocean blue, symbolizes the combination of two life forces. The Energy Hue serves as an accent color, enhancing branding materials and highlighting various charts and graphs.


To systemize the use of the Roboto typeface, we established simple rules such as sizing determined by the Major Third typography scale, selecting the correct font weight, implementing wider and manually adjusted leading for body copy, and avoiding ligatures for material consistency.

Icon System

Our pictogram design system draws inspiration from the EEM logo, reflecting a thoughtful analysis and deconstruction of its elements. Distilling rules and a graphic system from this examination, we focused on the logo’s foundational stroke found in its circles. Using this stroke as our building block, we created a precise grid with unique safe zone guidelines that directly correspond to the logo’s shape. This approach ensures seamless integration of our pictograms with the EEM brand identity, striking a harmonious balance between artistry and strategy.

Additional assets

Combining all elements mentioned above with an extensive image selection, we created various marketing materials, including LinkedIn banners, email banners, and PowerPoint decks. EEM’s image library allows us to diversify materials while keeping the brand’s DNA at its core.

Results and next steps

The project continues to generate new assignments, with the client exploring additional applications for the “Impulse” theme. This underscores our dedication and proficiency in delivering comprehensive projects that positively influence the brand. We are delighted to collaborate with other Admind teams, affirming the adaptability and versatility of our services. Throughout the project, a significant effort and commitment were invested, resulting in over 30 key brand assets. These efforts reflect the intensity of the project and the team’s unwavering commitment

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