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Today’s world requires businesses to act consciously on environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. Therefore, companies need to periodically undergo a significant change and rebrand. It was no different with the international integrated energy production, development, and services giant - Nobel Oil. They chose Admind to help them with the rebranding process as well as with creating a new brand strategy. After several one-week iterations, the result exceeded expectations and succeeded in creating a brand that clearly communicates its values.

Our client

Founded in 2005 in Azerbaijan, Nobel Energy is a diversified group of companies specializing in the oil and gas industry. Companies operating within Nobel Energy provide drilling, construction, and project management as well as equipment maintenance, procurement, and enhanced oil recovery services. The company hires an estimated 2,400 employees.


The goal of Nobel Oil (later Nobel Energy) was to transform from oil and gas to integrated energy production, development, and services company aimed at delivering agile, efficient, and more sustainable solutions for its customers and the world. The company needed to rebrand to reflect its new strategy and ambitions and to create a brand identity that would resonate more deeply with the audience. The framework of planned operations contained a complete renewal of the company’s visual identity, including the logo and tagline, based on the new brand strategy. We were also brainstorming on a new brand name.

Nobel Energy slogan Nobel Energy slogan

Solution 1 –
brand strategy

At the discovery stage, we started with in-depth interviews with the company’s management and sales team about how they perceive the company and the direction in which it is developing. The interviews were anonymous and gave us an overview of how the company is seen by those inside it. Then, we led a two-part workshop with the Nobel Energy team, including the CEO, board members, and the PR & Communications team. Our goal was to better understand what was important to the client, what they wanted to achieve, and why they decided to rebrand. As well, we wanted to know Nobel Energy’s business and its environment. Based on the collected data, we prepared a brand strategy – an extensive document including:

-target personas,
-brand promise,
-future audience ideas,
-key elements of brand strength,
brand archetypes,
brand values,
-the key idea for the strategy.

Nobel Energy - company's brand archetypes Nobel Energy - company's brand archetypes

Based on brand archetypes, we have identified two directions in which the brand can evolve. For Nobel Energy, the caregiver archetype was particularly important. It was on this archetype that we based our strategy and create new brand tagline – Because we care. The tagline is built on the Nobel Family’s heritage, which underpins its focus on people, their safety and well-being, and ensuring sustainability through innovative solutions. It underlines Nobel Energy’s approach to both business and social responsibility.

Solution 2 – brand identity

While working on logo creation, we cooperated closely with Nobel Energy’s PR & Communications team in weekly Agile sprints. During these iterations, we prepared several logo proposals. All shapes and colors had to be in line with the caregiver archetype. Our main idea was to use colors in the logo that reflect the transition from hydrocarbons to cleaner, renewable energy, sustainability, and innovation. The final version was created hand in hand with the client.

Once the logo was accepted, we prepared a brand guidelines document with brand DNA, voice & tone, typeface, basic rules for using the logo, as well as with files and templates to download. All consistent and based on common archetype. We are sure that it will be of great use to all those using the Nobel Energy brand in the future.

Nobel Energy Rebranding


As a result of our collaboration, a new company name, visual identity and brand strategy were created along with guidelines for the people in charge of brand assets. Although it is too early to assess specific indicators, we know that the new brand focuses on audience needs, sustainability and has a huge potential to be expanded in both digital landscape and traditional media. Nobel Energy organized a special event with the company’s stakeholders to present the result of our work. Here is the feedback we received:

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