Company Culture Book: capturing the art of diversity Company Culture Book: capturing the art of diversity

Company Culture Book: capturing the art of diversity






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A well-constructed company culture book is a popular way for businesses to boost their employer branding efforts. This publication contains the company’s history, mission, organizational culture, ways of communication, rituals, and brand values. It supports both HR and onboarding processes, as well as brand promotion. When preparing the Admind Culture Book, we made it as uniquely ours as possible. 
Company culture book company culture book


The need for a company Culture Book came from employer branding being a key factor in our business development, as we are constantly recruiting, and our team is growing year after year. We knew that the publication should be unique, just as our company is. We have people of 15 different nationalities on board working in offices in Krakow, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Odesa, and Zurich. Our teams are made up of professionals from different cultures and minorities. All this we had to capture in our Culture Book. 

Admind culture book Admind culture book


Our main challenge was to craft a publication that would tell candidates as much as possible about us and attract those who fit us culturally. So, the hidden goal was to increase the number of incoming CVs and improve their quality.
Moreover, by working on the Culture Book, we tried to organize employees’ knowledge about the company, map out what is missing in the organization and provide invaluable insight into how they work.

culture book illustrations culture book illustrations

As a branding agency, we also wanted our Culture Book to stand out in terms of creativity and design. And for such a multinational company like Admind, it was challenging to showcase diversity in the publication, while at the same time prove that we speak with a common voice.  

culture book design culture book design


The project involved more than 30 people from different Admind teams to gather as many insights as possible about our culture and the way we work. We showed the company’s history, its values, the stories of its employees, as well as our approach to work and what is important to us – the positive impact on the world around us. It was also a great opportunity to create some missing processes or improve those which employees feel are insufficient. 

culture book publication culture book publication

When it comes to conceptual and artistic work, we chose to take a visual approach, as it offers one of our favourite tools – illustrations. They are an integral part of every chapter in our culture book, as we have designers in all of our offices who inspire us with their work in this field. We asked our people to create projects that describe their inner language. We didn’t limit the designers with detailed guidelines or suggest anything beyond the colours, typography, and size.

culture book's anatomy culture book's anatomy


The result exceeded our expectations. The Culture Book contains over 30 great and unique illustrations created by people from Poland, Thailand, Spain, England, Ukraine and even Cuba. It would be hard to find a more authentic message, so deeply rooted in Admind.

What is the most important, the company culture book gives candidates the opportunity to answer for themselves whether they fit into the organization. This also saves time for recruiters, as more relevant CVs appear on their desks or, rather, in their email inboxes. Someone who is seeking to join Admind can read all the most important information about our company culture, including employees’ benefits and opportunities for personal development.
Within 18 months of its release, the publication has been downloaded more than 1000 times and garnered amazing feedback from the design world and the Admind community. Moreover, the Admind Culture Book has already been nominated for several design awards. Most recently in the “Project of the Year” category in a competition organised by STGU, an International Council of Design member.

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