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As a family-owned business based in Barcelona, Arpol has built a strong international brand based on its versatile and innovative line of coupling products. In 2021, Arpol’s owners decided to create a stylish campaign to promote their newly upgraded NEO 2.0 model. Our mission was to create a fresh new vision with a cinematic feel that captured the improved strength and versatility of the product. As the designs began to take shape, Arpol expanded the project to include a logo refresh and other campaign materials, content creation, and a brand guide.

Arpol couplings Arpol couplings


Since 1976, Arpol has been a leading pioneer in the design and manufacture of flexible couplings for all kinds of pipes and industries. For the launch of NEO 2.0—a strengthened and upgraded version of the company’s most popular product model—we needed to implement a complete product rebranding process. It was incorporating inspiring elements from previous campaigns and adding an elegant and modern touch.

Neo 2.0 - product rebranding Neo 2.0 - product rebranding

Solution #1:
the concept

To create an engaging product rebranding campaign and a video that incorporated the dramatic narrative style that Arpol wanted to see, we outlined 3 entirely different creative concepts. Each of them offered its own tone of voice, visual style, and emotional impact. We then created short teasers for each concept to showcase the look and feel of the animation we would produce and the story we would tell.

After the Arpol team made their final decision, we created the 3d models and textures, and the advanced Houdini visual effects that would be needed to complete the video’s signature look. Our team prepared the script, the storyboards, and the animation before adding rhythmic music for a mesmerizing overall effect. As seen below, the result was a video that captured the sleek design and innovative spirit of the NEO 2.0 product rebranding campaign.

Neo 2.0 - product rebranding Arpol - product rebranding

Solution #2:
positioning NEO 2.0

After the video concept had been approved for NEO 2.0, the Arpol team requested assistance in rebranding the logo, website content, and designs for both digital and print applications. To be effective, the new campaign material needed to resonate with a wide international audience that included experienced contractors and specialists familiar with the Arpol brand, and young engineers searching for the best new tech.

Our design team was able to rebrand a product that reflected the precision, simplicity, and elegance of NEO 2.0. Additionally, a new label was produced for the product that offered technical details, new content was created for the website, and new designs were finalized for the campaign.

Within a few months, we created an entire collection of brand assets for the NEO 2.0 campaign, including:
-Animated social media assets
-A PowerPoint presentation
-Google ads (animated)

Arpol - product rebranding case study Arpol - product rebranding case study

Extra support

Throughout the product rebranding process, we provided Arpol with additional assistance to help them showcase the NEO 2.0 coupling even before the official launch of the campaign. This included the creation of a temporary landing page, interim copywriting, UX/UI support, and graphic design.

arpol website design arpol website design


In conclusion, Arpol’s NEO 2.0 rebranding campaign has enjoyed a positive response from stakeholders and customers. We are now happy to be extending our cooperation with the Arpol team into 2022. Together, we will create a set of brand principles to provide structure and ensure effective brand consistency and communication.

Moreover, the NEO 2.0 project is ongoing, with multiple brand communication outputs expected in 2022. We look forward to designing new web pages, a new product video, as well as printed materials like leaflets.

Arpol coupling - neo 2.0 Arpol coupling - neo 2.0
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