December 6, 2018

Creative Inspirations: Kasia Matukiewicz

For me, inspiration is a word that is the synonym of fascination, but never a superficial one. When I notice something that is inspiring and valuable for me, I try to grasp its essence and then – take advantage of it in my life. What does fascinate me the most? Below, there are three key fields for me.

The very first and the most important one is human body. It is a tool owned by each and every one of us that is capable of achieving great things if one focuses on it to a proper extent. I have tried various forms of physical activeness, but none of them has been so satisfying and joyful for me as ballet. Even though there are many positive emotions accompanying me when I dance, there is also the “darker” side identifiable, which is manifested by exhaustion, pain, and frustration. Fortunately enough, the positive one wins at all times. Each and every week, I want to spend more and more time on the floor. I spend about 10 hours a week training, which is a perfect opportunity for me to focus on myself, overcome various limitations, and improve both my body and my soul. Everything I have achieved has not been done in an easy manner, because even the most gentle of movements requires many repetitions and a lot of work. In ballet, such things are recurring and indefinite in nature. The aesthetic features of the field are fascinating for me, but I think that I am even more drawn by the willingness to reach perfection and by the inability to capture it. Observing my progress is an exceptional motivation that stimulates me to work on myself harder and harder.

The second thing is the environment I constantly observe and capture by means of mobile photography – while making photos with my phone, I can capture my vision of reality. Typically, I focus on black-and-white photography and light-shadow-person correlations. Aware observation can result in very interesting images. If you want to check out my photos, you can find me on Instagram:

The third inspiration I would like to mention is the Scandinavian lifestyle I had the opportunity of familiarizing myself with while living in Oslo. It is a vast topic, but simplicity, humbleness, and the feeling of being one with the society are values I appreciate and try to introduce to my life as well.

Spotify playlists:

A bit of Bossa Nova, which will make your legs move even at work.

A playlist, which will help your thoughts go to sunny California.

A great compilation of the best jazz tunes – these sounds help me relax and focus at the same time.

For me, inspiration is a word that is the synonym of fascination, but never a superficial one. When I notice something that is inspiring and valuable for me, I try to grasp its essence and then – take advantage of it in my life

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