Admind_webinars: Brand vs. branding

Author: Szymon Dyrlaga

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Admind_webinars: Brand vs. branding

Another month, another webinar! This time during #Admind_webinar we will be talking on “Brand vs. branding”. Radek Kocjan, our Senior Brand Consultant, will dive into the topic of business, branding, and navigating cultural trends.

Why is it important?

Various research studies show that most marketers treat brand awareness as a top priority for their brand. But before we start thinking about building brand awareness, we should get to know some basics and the four brand principles of brand design: content, curation, collaboration & community. Knowing that you will be able to build a strong brand focused on the society around your company and values instead of the end customer. You will learn why this solution is better, and why more and more brands want to be involved in conscious branding and influence the world around them.

Who is the webinar for?

“Brand vs. branding” webinar will be especially useful for brand managers and designers. It’s for all of those who either build brands from scratch or are looking to reinvigorate an existing brand. After a short presentation, there will be also a Q&A session. Feel free to prepare interesting questions, as Radek will be there for you to answer them. Registration link can be found here:

About the speaker

Radek Kocjan is a brand designer with a soft spot for verbal communication, cultural awareness, and coming up with brave strategies. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he worked as a copywriter, wrote screenplays for both TV and radio, and created dozens of brands, more often successful than not. For the last 3 years, he helped maintaining and developing an enormous visual identity system for a major global company. It completely changed his perspective on brands and their real-world implementation

Admind_webinars series

Admind has been educating a community of designers in the creative industry by organizing meetings and webinars in the field of branding. Since 2017, every few weeks or months, Admind invites experts to virtual meetings – #Admind_Webinars. The goal is to share their knowledge, stories about their projects, and achievements.

“Brand vs. branding” webinar will take place on 14.12.2021 at 16:00. Don’t hesitate to register!

As always, participation is free.

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