Gabriela Baka of Admind – Mentor at the Zero Hunger Hackathon

Author: Olga Lany

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Gabriela Baka of Admind – Mentor at the Zero Hunger Hackathon

We are thrilled to announce that we are a partner of the Zero Hunger Hackathon, hosted by Tech To The Rescue in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and that Gabriela Baka, UX/UI Design Team Lead at Admind, will be serving there as a mentor!

This global event, hosted by Tech To The Rescue, is another project we are proud to be a part of. Following our recent collaboration to create the visual identity for Tech To The Rescue’s new three-year project, AI for Changemakers, our commitment continues as we join forces to address one of the most critical issues of our time.

Gabriela Baka specializes in the creation of digital experiences, with over 10 years of international professional expertise and several prestigious awards, including KTR, Design Ed Awards, Josef Binder Awards, Projekt Roku, and Red Dot Best of the Best. In addition to her professional roles, Gabriela occasionally lectures teaches, leads design workshops, and serves as a juror.

Social impact is a cornerstone of her work. She selectively engages in projects that aim to raise awareness and drive positive change. Some of her more impactful projects include “Made in Fukushima” which explores innovative farming methods in contaminated areas, and “Meltdown Flags” a project that visualizes the retreat of glaciers around the world.

This groundbreaking event brings together more than 100 teams from leading tech companies for a three-day marathon (May 22-24) to tackle one of the most pressing challenges: global food insecurity.

It’s not just about coding; it’s about coding for a cause. Together, can take a significant step towards a hunger-free world.

Why should your team join?

  • Innovate for impact: Collaborate on tech solutions that tackle food insecurity, with the potential to change lives worldwide.
  • Get access to expert workshops: Benefit from exclusive workshops led by industry leaders, enhancing your team’s skills in cloud computing, machine learning, and more.
  • Benefit from mentorship & networking opportunities: Connect with mentors like Gabriela Baka from Admind and  from AWS and other tech giants, gaining invaluable insights and expanding your professional network.
  • Boost impact of the top nonprofits: Work alongside nonprofits, applying your tech solutions to real-world challenges and making an immediate difference.

Register your team today!

Secure your spot in this transformative event. Participation is free, but the impact is priceless. 

Can’t make It? Support in other ways!

Even if you can’t participate, you can help spread the word about the Zero Hunger Hackathon. Follow Tech To The Rescue on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, and share our posts to raise awareness about this vital cause. #ZeroHungerHackathon #TechForGood

About Tech To The Rescue

Tech To The Rescue is a global program connecting technology companies with non-profits worldwide to solve the world’s most pressing problems through technology. Since 2020, more than 1500 technology companies and 1400 nonprofits have joined the #techforgood movement, and our team has enabled more than 650 pro-bono technology projects, which have helped boost the impact of nonprofits.

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