Red Dot Awards 2020: Admind recruitment campaign

Author: Monika Michno

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Red Dot Awards 2020: Admind recruitment campaign

The campaign “Can you see _ _ _?” was distinguished in Red Dot Awards 2020 in Brands and Communications Design category among 6992 other projects.

The idea of the “Can you see _ _ _?” recruitment campaign was to interpret graphically our agency values: trust, cooperation, responsibility, adventure, kindness, partnership and satisfaction.

Values are something more than just a way of work for us. In other words, they underline our style and bring us closer to discovering the essence of design. You can read more about them in our culture book. We have involved well-known polish illustrators and Admind’s employees to cooperate on the task. The objective was to show the company’s values and mission in a series of unique posters.

As a result of the recruitment campaign awarded by Red Dot Awards 2020, we have hired a bunch of talented people in the creative department. Also, thanks to the campaign, we have counted 4 times more visits to Admind’s website and more than 3,000 people have visited its recruitment section.

Above all, what was of particular importance while creating the campaign was the emphasis. Mostly on our design DNA and the values that we abide by every. Certainly, we opted for a unique approach in the realm of an employer branding campaign inviting various illustrators to depict our values. It was the openness to interpretation, form and artistic means that initiated the discussion about how we understand these values. In addition, the campaign provided the opportunity to discover illustrating talents in our team. We wanted to promote them on an equal footing with such well-known Polish illustrators as Ola Niepsuj, Kuba Banach or Paweł Mildner.

– Piotr Wiśniewski, Creative Director Admind Branding & Communications

The Red Dot Award for our recruitment campaign has been given by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. The jury made up of 24 experts, evaluated 6992 submitted works based on such criteria as innovation, quality, functionality and ecology.

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