Centenary of the US-PL relations

Centenary of the US-PL relations

Client: US Consulate in Poland

We’ve created an interactive website dedicated to the youth of Poland to express special partnership with the USA and get them closer to the history.

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Having a long-term partnership with our clients is our main objective. One of the most recent projects, executed for the US Consulate General in Cracow is the perfect example of a good working relationship, built over the years. This time we’ve been invited to support and contribute creatively to the Centenary of the US-PL relations.

We’ve stood together, hand in hand – for a good 100 years. We’ve created an interactive website, dedicated to the youth of Poland (to be further developed and translated to other languages), to express this special partnership and get them closer to history.

An image showcasing the relations between the US and Poland
A graphic promoting the webpage 100latrazem.pl and the centenary of the PL-US relations

Every key moment has been shown on a timeline in form of a modern collage. We trust it’s much more edible for young people than a usual history book. Visit 100latrazem.pl and dive into the wealth of interesting facts and cool images (and learn something new about the two countries on the way!).


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