360 days of recruitment – Admind’s EB campaign 360 days of recruitment – Admind’s EB campaign

360 days of recruitment – Admind’s EB campaign




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Inspired by a famous Instagram challenge, we collaborated with some of the best illustrators from around the world to run an extraordinary recruitment campaign.
admind - employer branding campaign admind - employer branding campaign


Our challenge was to create a truly unique employer branding campaign that would boost our recruitment efforts, express our enthusiasm for design, and convince the best artistic talent available to join our creative agency. The EB campaign needed to be highly visible and compelling, as we were hoping to engage experienced designers and branding experts internationally. In preparing the campaign, we had to find a universal language and style specific to Admind, and then choose the proper channels to reach our target audience.

ux designer illustration ux designer illustration


When looking for an unusual and distinctive idea, we had to consider three things:
· the duration of the campaign,
· the creation of a universal visual language adaptable to different countries,
· ways to include the right amount of information about each position.

360 days of recruitment - employer branding campaign 360 days of recruitment - employer branding campaign

Our inspiration came from the famous ’36 days of type’ challenge on Instagram. With 385,000 followers, it invites all visitors to participate, whether they are professional or amateur artists. Each participant designs letters from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9 for 36 days. The most talented artists from around the world take part in the challenge, and a jury publishes the most interesting works.
Because illustrations are an art form close to our hearts, we contacted the best creators from the ’36 days of type’ and invited them to participate in our campaign. We named it ‘360 days of recruitment’ based on the fact that Admind is hiring all the time and you can always find open positions on our website.

employer branding campaign employer branding campaign

We provided the selected artists with a detailed job description and their task was to design an illustration of a letter that symbolized everything that the job entailed in the best possible and creative way. We did not specify a particular style or form. The only requirement was to stick to our visual identity and colours so that the whole campaign would be consistent. We designed a signature prompt for each job title:

EB campaign - instagram posts EB campaign - instagram posts


According to the schedule, all creators shared their projects on Instagram with the hashtag: “360DaysofRecruitment” and a link to the dedicated 360 Days of Recruitment campaign page. Taking advantage of the wide reach of our artists’ posts was absolutely a key. It allowed us to increase the effects of the campaign. In addition, the online efforts were supported by outdoor activities in Warsaw and Krakow.

The next stage of the campaign was a competition for students to design the letter J, like a Junior Graphic Designer. Knowing that there are many uncut gems in Poland, we encouraged participation by contacting several art academies in our country. To motivate the students more, we invited well-known designers Mateusz Machalski and Jan Kallwejt  to join the jury. They reviewed every work submitted. The winner received a financial prize – 1000 PLN. 

EB campaign - website EB campaign - website


Our campaign was expanded and published by our artist-influencers on Instagram. They reached more than 212,000 users. This translated into more than 3,500 visits to the dedicated campaign page.
Our HR team also noted that the quality of incoming CVs was impressive, and we were able to choose from a rich base of talented job applicants and fill each of our open positions.

Admind EB campaign - billboard Admind EB campaign - billboard

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