Admind_Talks about presentation design services

Monika Michno

Admind_Talks about presentation design services

Professional PowerPoint presentations can make a high impact and boost audience engagement. Learn more about Presentation Design Services with Alya Babkina-Mottet, Presentation Design Team Manager in Admind Branding & Communications.

What are the key benefits of using PowerPoint presentation design services?

Almost everyone I know creates presentations. But how many of us truly understand the impact we can make on an audience?

When we see a serious person presenting data with a cartoonish google meme or icon, it might create a reverse effect – mistrust. Sometimes we just do not think about the consistency or uniformity of what we show. However corporate presentation design needs it.

Nevertheless, professional Presentation Design Services is not only about cleanliness and clarity, but it is also about public image and reputation. What you say is equally important to what people see on screens. This information imprints in the mind sometimes even more than words. Hence, the advice is simple to just care about the aftereffect of one’s presentation design slides. What is an aftereffect? Well, after your presentation is over, what will people think and say? Will they only remember that funny cat gif?

Our Presentation Design Team is dedicated to beautifying any presentation (from a Powerpoint template, report, sales pitch to even a webinar) to make sure that it is clear, appealing, and brand-compliant. Thanks to our talented illustrators and designers, we save time for our customers and partners while revamping the decks and ensuring that they achieve a high bar of visualization as a benchmark.

How to design a good presentation for a global client?

Well, first it is important to be confident with the existing corporate or business PPT template. A professionally branded template where the designated fonts, colors, layouts, etc. are predefined for all users. Then we need to understand all of its hidden features.

Beyond this, being familiar with the brand principles regarding presentations, although the latter may differ from other types of design production.

Our designers, of course, also know all the tiny secrets of PowerPoint. They can play with data at a higher level. I confess that majority of users don’t know about many powerful tools in PowerPoint.

How to use visual storytelling in presentation design?

Start with basics. We often omit the most important steps: deciding who your audience is, and what the main objectives of your presentation are. In other words, think about what must stay in the minds of the audience after you are done presenting.

If this is 100% set and clear, lets’ work on the architecture of the slides. This might take some time. However, when the structure has emerged, we are halfway to success.

Now it is high time to visualize the data. Remember to choose meaningful branded imagery with an impactful and concise message. It is up to you how to present it: as infographics, plain text with accents, icons, or screenshots, but it should be easy to grasp.

With all the main points covered and the completed slide deck, it is important to unify all these elements into one smooth story. For this, divider slides could be a good addition or even animations (beware though to stay minimalistic) or even a mere check on uniformity of placeholders (so that they do not jump on slideshow mode), etc.

As a rule of thumb, when we finalize the presentation, our designers from Presentation Design Team always conduct quality assurance sessions. This is done to ensure that a few people look at the same presentation’s outcome and check the brief, verify the accuracy of data, observe the consistency of design, and even test technical aspects of the template.

What kind of presentation design services is the most most important?

Currently, we see a rising need for high-quality Presentation Design Services. And it is not surprising, the world is spinning faster. We have less time, but more meetings. Our calls or workshops are mostly happening online. Every day, we see presentations, but how many are attractive and clear?

Our customers value their time. The best way that we can support their goals is to provide ‘time-wow-quality–consistency’ outcomes for them. Hence, these days we receive more scripts for storytelling, or drafted files for visualization, or even requests for designs from scratch.

Given the fact that we are a team with complementary skills, we can do almost everything in Powerpoint. Beyond from creating icons and eye-candy infographics to reworking isometric illustrations and visuals. Our designers are professionals ready to deliver outstanding presentations, even when the resources are very tight.

Do you want to learn more about how Admind can support your organization with brand transformation services? Contact us, and we will get back to you shortly!

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