Culture Book: Admind Mission and Vision

Author: Monika Michno

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Culture Book: Admind Mission and Vision

We are a community of bright people working together in Kraków, Odesa, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and Zurich to help our clients shape their brands, solve problems, and seize opportunities. That’s why we want Admind vision be be clear and aligned with our brand consistency.

Firstly, our diverse backgrounds and experiences help us get a better understanding of our clients’ needs and come up with innovative and comprehensive branding solutions. Secondly, branding is visual rhetoric and an intricate form of art that sits on the intersection of design, information theory, and business. No matter what are the circumstances, Admind’s brand vision is still the same.

That is to say, we strive to expand this form of art by understanding our clients, the craft of visual communication, and today’s culture. Moreover, we deliver a diversified range of branding services spanning brand positioning and brand development, brand governance, brand design, and brand management. So to achieve this, we employ the brightest minds in the fields of graphic, 3D, event, campaign, presentation design services, and web management.

We are proud of the work we do, but most of all we are proud of each and every Adminder who makes it possible. Consequently, together we create Admind vision to support this unique place that we are all happy to be a part of. And we call it Admind.

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But formulating meaningful vision and messages takes wisdom, patience, and a lot of hard work. Similarly, through the effort of improving communication, we contribute to building a diverse community based on trust, understanding, and awareness. So everyone can be an agent of change, moving the world forward by addressing its problems.

Mission statement aka manifesto

manifesto admind

Our mission is to craft branding experiences that not only transform an organisation, but change its impact in the world for the better.

We exist to creatively collaborate with the companies that are shaping the world of today.
We understand that moving forward can happen only when no one is left behind.
We invent, discover and construct forms, ideas and methods that connect, bond, and foster understanding between people and organizations.
We are driven by the growth of our clients and employees. So their accomplishments give us hope for a brighter future.

Admind Vision

admind vision

We believe that better-informed people form a better society and as a result ef­ficient markets. Certainly, conscious branding organizations.

We believe that great things are possible only through mak­ing new connections between ideas, people, and businesses.

We believe in making the world a better place, one potent act of communication at a time.

Admind Values

Above all, our values show who we really are deep down and who we are meant to be. For instance, they define the behaviors and attitudes we expect of each other, we cherish, and we aspire to. So, they allow us to merge purpose with activity to achieve great things.

Brand values can be great, but if you’re just talking the talk with­out actually walking the walk, your values are just a bunch of fancy words. Therefore, talking the walk really makes a difference in build­ing culture. Before any decision is final, we remember to ask, “Is it in line with our values?”

We’re doing our best to live up to our values, but life happens, and while we sometimes fail, we never give up trying.


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We trust each other and try to be trustworthy, so…

we are direct, honest, open, and transparent,

we accept that neither you nor anyone else is perfect,

we dare to be vulnerable and be ourselves,

we keep our promises,

we disapprove of gossiping.


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We feel personally accountable for our work, so…

  • we keep our quality standards high,
  • we are the owners of our tasks and most importantly – our mistakes,
  • we finish things we’ve started,
  • we respect deadlines,
  • we are always ready to go the extra mile,
  • we disapprove of the “out–of-my-scope” attitude.


admind mission and vision

We treat each other with kind­ness, so…

  • we respect boundaries – both our own and those of others,
  • we are approachable and open,
  • we are tolerant and embrace diversity,
  • we don’t let our moods, emotions, or ego get in the way of doing our best,
  • we don’t assume bad intent or judge others,
  • we care about our community and environment.
  • we care about inclusive design in our work


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We build our relations on partnership and cooperation, so…

  • we respect our own time and time of our clients and colleagues,
  • we look for win-win solutions,
  • we always keep in mind our clients’ needs,
  • we educate our clients,
  • we use our knowledge and skills, not the power of our position,
  • we are always open to discussion,
  • we ask questions.


admind values - adventure

We love the spirit of adventure, so…

  • we push ourselves out of our comfort zones,
  • we are self-driven and proactive,
  • we remain optimistic and positive,
  • we know that change is inevitable and normal,
  • we are not afraid of taking reasonable risks and making mistakes,
  • we are curious and always looking for ways to do things better,
  • we are resilient in the face of challenges.


admind valueas - satisfaction

We seek satisfaction in everything we do, so…

  • we look for purpose in our work,
  • we appreciate daily tasks,
  • we recognize successes and celebrate them,
  • we accept challenges with a positive attitude,
  • we cherish even the smallest achievements,
  • we focus on solving problems, not complaining about them.
  • We trust that together we can accomplish more.


admind values

As a team, and treat others as allies, and so we:

  • believe that being an aware part of a group, a company, a society makes you a better, saner person,
  • have confidence in our colleagues and partners,
  • complement each other, creating something far more precious than a sum of its parts,
  • trust that together we can accomplish more,
  • know that none of us can go as far as all of us.

Community of Indiviuals

In conclusion, the work at Admind is not limited to fundamental re­sponsibilities that are as­signed to our roles and posi­tions. We are a community of individuals who are not only experts in the fields we specialize in as members of a global branding agency, but who also share the same Admind vision and values.

Thanks to that, we love work­ing with each other as well as engaging in extra activities that not only boost our cre­ativity and allow us to take a break from our usual duties, but also – most importantly – unite us.

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