February 27, 2020

Brand content – how to engage the audience.

When consumers are becoming more and more immune to classic advertising, branded content comes to your aid. Well-executed projects overcome consumers’ aversion towards traditional advertisements, engage, highlight the features of a product or service, excite emotions and evoke interest.  So how do you make a given message much more intriguing than traditional advertising?

A spectacular example of branded content was the creation of the hockey team Anaheim Mighty Ducks by Disney, which in 1993 began playing in the NHL.  In the previous year, theaters showed the movie “The Mighty Ducks” about a youth hockey team. Fiction became reality and with benefit to the brand – says Mateusz Zabierowski, a partner and the CEO of Admind Branding and Communications – the largest branding agency in Poland. As he explains, branded content encompasses all sorts of content produced for the brand ranging from articles, posts on company blogs to videos. The main aim of these activities, says Zabierowski, is to engage the audience.

One indication of the increasing popularity of branded content initiatives involving video productions is for example a contest for creators of video materials for the Internet – Grand Video Awards. As many as 91 videos were entered into the competition in the Branded content category in 2018. Internet creators such as G.F Darwin, Krzysztof Gonciarz, and Martin Stankiewicz proved that you can work for the brand without giving up the artistic level or forgetting about your audience. The award for Branded content during the Grand Video Awards gala went to Marcin Nguyen, who received it on behalf of the Emce kwadrat duet for the promo video 69.90 made for Netflix. In cooperation with Polish Youtubers Netflix prepared four materials modeled on the series Black Mirror. The four stories featured Krzysztof Gonciarz, Martin Stankiewicz, Grupa Filmowa Darwin (The Darwin Film Group) and Emce kwadrat, among others, and influencers showed their own stories inspired by the original series.

Imagination is the only limitation. At Admind we are responsible, among other things, for making sure that the brand is experienced during Formula E races. Our experts take into account the unique nature of each of the races and the architecture of the circuit all over the world. They provide Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, create the VIP Hospitality zone paying special attention to interactive solutions. In my opinion, it is in precisely that direction that Branded content will continue to develop. Sensory experiences and innovative technologies will gain in importance and brand experience will continue to expand its possibilities thanks to 3D technology – adds Mateusz Zabierowski of Admind.

According to the research conducted by Pressboard, the attractiveness of branded content is twenty times greater than that of traditional advertising and, on average, users spend 36 seconds in each encounter with it compared to 1.6 seconds in the case of a standard advertisement. A radio show created by Procter & Gamble in the thirties is considered to be the first instance of branded content. The characters in the show were soaps manufactured by P&G and the content – the conversations between them. The stories of the soaps had such a strong impact that it was then that the term “soap opera” entered mainstream language. Mateusz Zabierowski of Admind notes that today businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of the visual aspect and the engagement of consumers. The symbol is, by virtue of evolution, the most promptly internalized message. We can remember a well-made logo in less than 0.5 seconds. According to research, well- constructed visual communication can increase the value of a brand by 15 %, regardless of business factors. A strong brand positively affects stock market ratings. Our clients, i.e. German, Swiss and Scandinavian companies are fully aware of this. In Poland, we are on the verge of rebranding great trademarks. The awareness of this process is growing and those who have already decided to do so are making gains.

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