Let’s celebrate International Design Day

Author: Monika Michno

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Let’s celebrate International Design Day

All people deserve to live in a well-designed world! Therefore, to celebrate International Design Day we asked designers from Admind Branding & Communications about various aspects of their creative work.

How do you see the future of graphic design?

Karolina Kłos, Senior Graphic Designer
Design in the future will be focused mainly on usability and inclusive design in many areas. For example, healthcare or ecology and sustainability, not just on appearance. Moreover, designing will be more pro-human, not pro-profit, thanks to which the availability and accessibility of design will significantly increase for marginalized groups such as the elderly or the disabled. In conclusion, I believe the future of design is bright and I can’t wait to contribute to it.

Why do you find visual communication important?

Juliusz Peszko, Brand Designer & Communication Specialist
Nowadays, we are flooded with various information and visual stimulus. However, a thought-out and well-designed VC allows the message to cut through the information overload and helps to reach the receiver (customer) with the value that the brand communicates.

What is your favourite part of the creative process and why?

Andrzej Leraczyk, Senior Graphic Designer
My favorite moment is this invisible and tiny line between a blank white page looking at me with panic and fear and the beginning of design. At this moment I feel that I start moving towards something exciting, and no matter what it will turn out to be I feel happy to be a part of it.

What would you advise to someone who wants to work in branding agency? How to start a design adventure?

Olga Godek, Junior Brand Designer & Communication Specialist
Hence I started my career at Admind not that long ago, my first advice would be to stay focused and get inspiration from every interaction. In fact, the first steps may be a bit overwhelming but with a good attitude, success is inevitable.

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