Admind partnership: Powering the FilmON Festival 2021

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Admind partnership: Powering the FilmON Festival 2021

For the second time, Admind Branding & Communications has established partnership with FilmOn – Polish Film Festival for People with Disabilities.

This is the sixth edition of FilmON short film festival, created for people with intellectual disabilities. The goal of the event is to encourage people with disabilities to express their emotions through film and at the same time increase social awareness of the topic. 

As usual, the festival is going to present films and lectures related to disability. Within the partnership of FilmOn and Admind Branding and Communications Agency, the festival prepared the art competition and an exhibition. For the second time, we partnership FilmOn, not only supporting them with key visuals but also by preparing and sponsoring the side-events.

Admind is an advocate for positive transformation. Therefore, that’s why every year we donate 1% of our annual profits funds to help our community. Our purpose is to give back and be a voice for greater social responsibility, and a better world for everyone around us. While Admind has always supported many organizations and has been part of various initiatives promoting social responsibility in different sectors. Our goals in this area are permanently associated with our business and values. Being socially responsible is in Admind’s DNA.

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