Annual Report For ABB

Annual Report For ABB

Client: ABB

The Annual Report is one of the key projects in our cooperation with ABB which we have worked on for a fourth straight year.

  • Electrification
  • Process Automation
  • Robotics
ABB Annual Report

Annual Report is the most representative document in terms of branding. Everything must be exactly on brand and no exceptions to the rules are allowed.

The whole document is published in two language versions and the files are prepared in a way to make it easy for ABB Sweden to publish a Swedish version of the report.

We assemble the annual report with a typeface designed exclusively for ABB and typeset into a one or two-column page layout. It contains a set of infographics and a number of complicated tables presenting detailed financial data.

Annual Report

Meticulously chosen photos together with pictures from photoshoots organized specially for the report are carefully edited during post-production to achieve an effect of perfect coherence.

The document is printed on high-quality paper using the CMYK color model together with three additional Pantones. 

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