Want to join our team?

Want to join our team?

Learn more about how to become a part of Admind

The process

We try to make the recruitment process as simple as possible. You don't have to stress! We want to get to know you better and understand who you are in order to present an offer that is valuable for both parties.

application analysis

1application analysis

At the very beginning, we analyze the materials you submit, checking whether they match the requirements of the position in terms of skills and experience.

phone interview

2phone interview

We want to get to know you better! During this first conversation, we'll tell you something more about Admind and ask some initial questions about your experience.

practical task

3practical task

We want to understand how you think, what is important to you, what your skills are. Therefore, you will receive a recruitment task from us. We will give you plenty of time to prepare it, so show us what you can do!

recruitment interview

4recruitment interview

At this stage, we're already impressed with your work. Great job! Now, we're going to ask you about your talents, and tell you about our clients, and our teams. The conversation will be substantive. We will focus on your skills and knowledge.

final interview

5final interview

During the final interview, we deep dive into the topics from the first interview and discuss the recruitment task.

recruitment results

6recruitment results

As the results are decided, we know each other better and it will be time to decide on our cooperation moving forward. We will prepare an employment offer and welcome you to the team upon your acceptance. You will receive all the necessary working tools, plus an on-boarding plan. Good luck!

Portfolio tips

Download our ebook and learn more how to prepare your portfolio. In this short guide, we want to show you five commandments you have to follow if you want to apply to a branding agency like Admind and be successful.

Culture book

Explore our culture

Discover our culture book and learn about our values, people of Admind and way we cooperate.

learn more

Illustrations and letters are an essential part of branding. Why did we decide to create these letters and collaborate with outstanding artists? Because we love lettering design.