All people deserve to live in a well-designed world! To celebrate the International Design Day we asked designers in Admind Branding & Communications about various aspects of their creative work. How do you see the future of graphic design? Karolina Kłos, Senior Graphic Designer: Design in the future will be focused mainly on usability and assistance in many areas, such as

How to build a strong brand? How does your company’s brand compare with your competitor’s? What mistakes should you avoid? Our co-founder and CEO, Krzysztof Langer has all the answers. You can find them in an interview to republished here. What are the characteristics of a strong brand compared to other brands? Why is building a strong brand so important in

Maja Mściwujewska, our CX & Growth Manager explains why customer experience is so vital when building a mature brand, what steps need to be taken, how to manage this process, and lots more showing Admind’s insight on the topic. What is customer experience?Customer experience is the perception of what your company does for its customers, how it makes

Transformation is one of the staple tools in the development strategies pursued by global organisations. Krzysztof Langer and Mateusz Zabierowski, Admind Branding & Communications CEOs, share their insights about “Transformation B2B Brands” in the latest issue of polish Forbes Magazine. Read the interview below and learn how to successfully build awareness of B2B brands in transformation and

In Admind we guide our partners through the visual aspects of the brand. Jędrzej Chojnacki and Brand Advisory Team explain why brand governance is crucial for brand consistency, and how our perspective changes the way it may be perceived.How would you define brand governance?  What is usually associated with this term are actions taken to ensure that

A project manager in a creative team faces many challenges specific to the industry. However, the creative process itself, supported by appropriate tools and processes, can run smoothly – and participating in it can be a source of great satisfaction. Find out what a daily work of a Project Manager in a branding agency looks like.As a project manager in Admind Branding & Communications,

In the last year, Admind Branding & Communications has received nine prestigious awards, such as Red Dot Design Award, Creativity International Awards, and Polish Kreatura. Piotr Wiśniewski, Creative Director at Admind, shares his experience and suggests how to prepare an application for industry competition.What is the aim of earning rewards?First of all, before taking part in

Mateusz Zabierowski, partner and CEO at Admind Branding and Communications is one of the heroes of a an edition of “Forbes Woman”, speaking on the possibility to achieve a balance between the professional and private life when running a business. Below, you can read the conversation that Mateusz had with the magazine’s reporter Piotr Zieliński.As the chief of a large

But these names have already lost their shine, lost their luster. They are like a snake skin that becomes lifeless just before it is shed. So it is with the name Pesełe. It slips off the girl like an oversize shirt and underneath the name Helena is already growing ripe, thin as of yet, like skin

I’m sure those who know me, expect me to write about gliders and planes. Just imagine yourself piloting a glider: floating in the air, high up in the sky, surrounded by stunning views. Complete peace and silence. That’s inspiring, isn’t it? I could also write how inspiring it is to smell a hot grease, feel a horsepower and hear the sound of

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