Mateusz Zabierowski, partner and CEO at Admind Branding and Communications is one of the heroes of a an edition of “Forbes Woman”, speaking on the possibility to achieve a balance between the professional and private life when running a business. Below, you can read the conversation that Mateusz had with the magazine’s reporter Piotr Zieliński.As the chief of a large

But these names have already lost their shine, lost their luster. They are like a snake skin that becomes lifeless just before it is shed. So it is with the name Pesełe. It slips off the girl like an oversize shirt and underneath the name Helena is already growing ripe, thin as of yet, like skin

I’m sure those who know me, expect me to write about gliders and planes. Just imagine yourself piloting a glider: floating in the air, high up in the sky, surrounded by stunning views. Complete peace and silence. That’s inspiring, isn’t it? I could also write how inspiring it is to smell a hot grease, feel a horsepower and hear the sound of

When I think about my inspirations, it reminds me of myself sitting in front of a computer using Google Images to search for some inspiring stuff. But, in the end, it always got me to spending few hours watching random movies on Youtube. It’s hard for me to define what exactly my inspiration is but I assume it would be reading,

For me, inspiration is a word that is the synonym of fascination, but never a superficial one. When I notice something that is inspiring and valuable for me, I try to grasp its essence and then – take advantage of it in my life. What does fascinate me the most? Below, there are three key fields for me.The very first

Since I remember I was always afraid of three things, two of them being: new experiences and deep space. It’s not a joke. Being a seven-year-old with an anxiety about new food or making new friends is hard enough. The fact that our planet spins around with a crazy speed in the infinite, black nonentity didn’t make me feel better.

People, Adventure and Life Contrasts. This is what inspires me.AdventureAdventure or discoveries. I need them daily: let it be a google search, something seen on a shop window, philosophical insight or a hitch-hiking trip around Central Asia. Discoveries big and small always make my soul complete. I generate new ideas, stay dynamic, open, and work productively on top of that.PeopleTo be

Where to find an inspiration? ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE! As long as I remember, I’ve always been distracted by pretty stuff. Shapes, colours, physical things. Anything, that catches the eye and gets to my aesthetics. And, because I’m a visual type, I often find those things around me naturally. My career path might look a little bit winding, though it taught me a hell

During 11 years of working as a freelancer, I have learned to look for inspiration everywhere. My everyday life has been strongly connected with the private and I have been looking for things that would develop me, give me joy and inspiration almost everywhere.

I have been searching for inspiration for both myself personally and for my work in a widely understood culture I try to devote as much time as possible to. My number-one hobby is cinematography, but I also do not forget about music, literature, and art.

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