Developing the brand idea,
name, and visual identity


GORILO.PL – A price-comparison website that enables users to compare travel insurance prices and make a purchase.

We created an inventive brand that provides travel insurance without causing fear about potential trip-related threats.


Developing the brand idea and its visual identity to help the concept stand out in an industry of somewhat conservative and rational communication methods.


We wanted to approach a price-comparison
website in a way different to competing
comparison engines. We approached our
solution in a cool, relaxed, and casual manner,
yet without downplaying an important issue
that travel insurance most certainly is.

That’s how both the brand idea and the gorilo.pl name came about. It carries a connotation of a gorilla, which is the Polish slang term for a bodyguard, and thus unequivocally implies safety and security. It does all that while being slick and subtle, and hence intriguing.

This was the very approach that the client had expected – an innovative yet coherent idea that can be successfully used for all purposes.

Creating the brand hero was the following step – an amiable gorilla that’s become users’ guide when browsing the website. By using this character in illustrations, we wanted to state that purchasing travel insurance – while necessary – can be quick, easy, and perhaps even fun.

Together with the client, we decided to put the main focus on benefits that insurance brings, rather than using scare tactics to direct consumers’ attention towards unexpected situations and undesired consequences of lack of insurance during travel.

Thanks to a cheerful gorilla, purchasing insurance has ceased to be a burdensome necessity that curbs our pre-travel excitement.

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