A wayfinding project
proposal for one of the
most modern ABB offices

We developed a wayfinding system for one of the most cutting-edge ABB buildings in the world – an eight-story AXIS building in Cracow.




Designing a clear and transparent wayfinding system for one of the top, state-of-the-art ABB offices in the world – AXIS in Cracow; an eight-story building.


To facilitate moving between the building’s
floors, we named the rooms based on different stories
according to an individually picked themes
(e.g., Polish cities on the 6th floor, famous
bridges on the 4th floor).

This way, working closely with the client, we
came up with names for 160 conference rooms.
Additionally, each room was customized and
had its own emblem/icon that matched the
AXIS visual identity that we developed.

To better emphasize the building’s cutting
edge design, the cross-sections were picked
as the driving visual theme – each floor got
its own unique cross-section, viewed from
a different angle, to show the modern design
and unique shape.

Because the building has been built according to a very unconventional architectural plan, its diversified cross-sections created room for a very compelling visual effects. Similar to other projects – coherence, consistency, flexible working arrangements, and change readiness, all were key to success.

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