Admind Branding&
joined the new
ABB Brand development
process in July 2016.*

Our experience with the previous brand identity, expertise in the field of branding and a close collaboration with the client over the past few years gave us a good understanding of ABB’s needs and values.

Thanks to our dedication and successful projects we have been invited to step in and contribute to the big changes on the ABB horizon.

*Admind was responsible for 3d graphics design only and was not involved in process of product development

Icons created by Admind


ABB organized a dedicated in-house agency
system to gather all the companies working
on this particular project, to enable flawless
communication and successful collaboration
between the sides, on a daily basis.

This turned out to be the best solution and the
easiest way to delve into the topic.

Joining the client and all
partners, and going through
the drafting/conceptualizing
/correction processes
together, ensured a close
business relationship with
people involved including
ABB and its Global
Management Team,
Meta Design, Globe One,
and ServicePlan.


A date for delivering all the basic brand
principles was set for March 2017 with
the assumption that all the other major
touchpoints will follow.

The dates defined our further tasks. Many
business areas that have not been covered
by the principles had high visibility and
needed to be adapted. Apart from supporting
the principle development, we became
involved in adapting graphic materials to the new branding rules.

These projects became the lighthouses. We
supported Hannover Fair, one of the biggest
events where ABB has its strong presence.

For that occasion, we developed several
animations, giving the foundations for ABB’s
new animation style. We have been also
developing 3D style from scratch and adapted
it for many high-visibility projects like events,
showrooms and other various video and
application touchpoints.

_Vehicle Branding
_Let's write the future

Once the style for basic
elements was established,
Admind had continued
developing new ways
of visual thinking and
communication, that go
with brand key strategy –

We have implemented the power of simplicity
to any new visuals so that they become clear
and subtle.


Following the ‘Digital First’ rule, we developed a set of pixel perfect pictograms and a new look for the system isometric illustration.

We also supported Landscapes
development, which was designed to
present every area of ABB industry
in a modern and interactive way. The
backgrounds and colors have been
lightened to emphasize one of the key
ABB messages – an unlimited space for

Our presence at the Client’s location
and close collaboration continues as
the process of brand development and
migration is still progressing but the
memory of this ever-so-expanding project
still makes us shudder of excitement and
seems to us as a huge amount of work
and a big success in the end.

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