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Due to the ABB exposition change at the Umwelt Arena in Zurich, our task was to create and prepare the theme of an interactive exhibition displaying the biggest successes in four key areas of ABB’s operations: reliable power supply, uninterruptible power supply, foster renewable energies, and energy efficiency.

We designed an app for the new ABB exposition at Zurich’s Umwelt Arena which invited people to the world of ABB in a quick and interesting way.


We decided to invite all visitors
into the virtually created world
of ABB.

The touchscreen app we have designed
was a guide through the world of ABB.
It enabled users to visit the four key
areas, each displaying ABB’s major technology
achievements in a corresponding field.

For example, in the reliable power
supply sector, visitors could find out
more about ABB projects such as the
Gotthard Tunnel, Leitzigrund Stadium,
or Prime Tower.

For our own needs, we prepared
4 complex 3D animations and 20
2D animations with a total length of 60 minutes.

To complement the exposition area, we have created interactive pillars with informational text supported by graphics and icons, as well as space-enlarging mirrors that we embellished with ABB-visual-identity-related pictograms.

Another fun activity was the chance to play a memory game against a robot. The game was based on and used some elements from the app that we designed and built. Unfortunately, the app lacked the algorithm that increased players’ chances of winning against computer.

YuMi in Umwelt Arena

All Admind teams and departments
were involved in the project.

Coordination and the conceptual work
took place in Krakow, 3D animations
were created in Amsterdam, while all the
programming was done in Zurich.

This is yet another project that proved
how beneficial working hand in hand
with the client can be. Together, we’ve
established an efficient cooperation that
cut down the approval process time
and sped up completion of the whole
extraordinarily complex project.

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