Bringing the brand
into the Polish market


LUX EXPRESS – An Estonian-headquartered international intercity bus service provider.

We helped the LUX EXPRESS brand pull into the fast lane and drive into the very competitive market of Polish intercity bus service providers.


Bringing the brand into a rather well-established market dominated by a few recognizable brands such as Polski Bus, as well as promoting its first route between Warsaw and Cracow.


We targeted younger people, mostly college students, for whom an intercity bus service has always been more appealing to, due to fares being lower than train ticket prices.

We employed the idea of rivalry between the two connected cities as the foundation for promoting the first route of LUX EXPRESS.

A dedicated team created the concept
of a duel between Warsaw’s Palace
of Culture and Science and Krakow’s
the Wawel Dragon.

This figurative combat, subtly emphasizing
existing animosities between the two
cities, strongly resonated with young
residents, motivating them to participate
in a poll and contests. More importantly,
prizes were awarded only to the winning
city’s residents.

Event-related activities were chosen as
additional support to activate young people
during student events and festivals
(e.g., Juvenilia).

After successfully enabling the brand to enter the market, we helped promote the newly opened LUX EXPRESS routes by creating a wide range of ambient ads and non-standard POS displays, which further strengthened brand awareness and brand recognition.

In every campaign that we worked on together with LUX EXPRESS, we were trying to view their needs from various perspectives and in a wider context.

This approach translated into the brand’s success, high quality projects and overall campaign efficiency.

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