How to make a professional presentation design?

Author: Olga Uzun

How to make a professional presentation design?

In this article, we share our experience in working with PowerPoint. Here are some ideas on how to make professional and impactful presentation design using a clear and minimalistic aesthetic.

Microsoft PowerPoint is a superb tool for creating professional presentation designs. However, when used ineffectively, it can lead to the production of jarring and unprofessional pitch decks.

First of all, let’s define the main purpose of making professional Powerpoint presentations design: conviction. Not beauty or aesthetics, not public entertainment, and not a document with tones of information in one place.

The goal of presentation design is to influence the audience in a very particular aspect. It can be done using brevity and a clear expression of ideas and concepts. It’s all about focus and relevance. Ultimately, an audience will only retain a small percentage of the information presented. So the speaker’s task is to make them remember the most important points.

To achieve this, it is necessary to invest additional time into organizing your message and perfecting even the smallest details.

Powerpoint essentials and structure

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the presentation design essentials we’ve compiled here and the common, but not obvious, mistakes that we’ve encountered in the process of working with our clients.

Great and professional presentation design relies on the structure. When you are able to organize your information properly so that it follows a concise and logical path, you make it look and “sound” accurate. You can help your audience to arrange it in their minds too.

I know this might not be the most diplomatic thing for a designer to say, but even the most fascinating design would fail to save your presentation if it makes no sense.

Where to start with presentation design?

It’s better to not start your work on the professional presentation design by thinking about the template style, choosing the colors, or picking images for slides (it’s extremely important, but not a priority).

Firstly, the best way to start is to create an axis. It will be an imaginary line the whole story rotates around. Make it clear for yourself: what is the key concept of your creative Powerpoint presentation? What is the core idea of each slide embedded in the deck and what is its purpose?

When creating content or sorting out existing information, always consider its quality assurance, amount, proper language register, spelling, and punctuation. Please always remember who your audience is and what language would resonate with them.

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