Creative Inspirations: Małgorzata Macuda

Author: Małgorzata Macuda

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Creative Inspirations: Małgorzata Macuda

In our Creative Inspirations series, Admind’s employees discuss what inspires them in their everyday life. This time it’s our Project Manager, Małgorzata Macuda.

Where to find inspirations? ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE!

For as long as I remember, I’ve always been distracted by pretty stuff. Shapes, colours, physical things. Anything, that catches the eye and gets to my aesthetics. And, because I’m a visual type, I often find those things around me naturally.

My career path might look a little bit winding, though it taught me a hell of determination and concentration on the important things – happiness and satisfaction. My degree in Visual Communication was a milestone, which helped me find my career goals and how to see MORE. How to look for a non-obvious, double meaning, analyze what’s around me, think not only of the final effect but also about the initial thought and inspiration, which sometimes could be the key to understanding the concept.

And then I found Admind.

When I look at my everyday ‘journey’, there is one thing that is always around and is naturally full of creative inspirations


It’s always there. Whether it’s a summertime, freezing cold, whether it’s raining or melting – nature is an unceasing inspiration. Gives you the chance to catch the moment, sunlight, rustles, and winds (and its colours…#pokahontas)

Just go to the forest, take a deep breath (every breath you take tututututu), look up into the trees, clouds (with a silver lining), into the birds… (?) – until you get snow vision.

And at night, you can always count the stars, learn some new shades of blue, listen to the sounds of the city.

… or you can also listen to some cool old vinyls, which can be inspiring as a product, but also give you loads of joy and some lovely, unique sounds.

And when they stop playing – you can listen to people. This is a neverending story and a neverending inspiration.

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